Happy Diwali?

Well, most of you know that we celebrate Diwali for the arrival of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita from a 14 year long exile back to Ayodhya. I have been celebrating Diwali for all these years merrily, lighting diyas, burning crackers despite all the environmental hazards. But this year something is bothering me. I am sorry if I do not put this clearly as I am myself unclear about what and how I am going to say this.

So my question is we celebrate the come back of the Lords to their palace but has anyone ever thought that just after their return Lord Ram disowns his wife on a pretext of a common man who thinks Sita was not pure enough to be a Queen. Has it never occurred to anyone that it is more of a celebration of an denigration of a woman. I mean how can anyone define purity of a woman? How could a man disown his wife? How could he do it when she was pregnant with his children? How were the rules and powers of a king suddenly more important than the promises to a wife? So suddenly all the love vanishes and the authority of being a king comes in power?

I am sorry to have bothered you with these questions and also if I have spoiled your Diwali with such questions but I had to speak this out, somewhere!

Despite all of these I do not intend to damage the fun so here’s to everyone who is reading this – A very happy Diwali and a prosperous year ahead. May the coming years do not have such actions which make people question them. May the future do not put down the integrity of any human being male or female. May all our lives be as bright as it could be.

PS: Even if I am a bit clear to anyone I’d be glad.

PPS: This post would mean something to you only if You believe in God and if you don’t; Well, a happy diwali to you too. 🙂

Published by Moushmi Radhanpara

A bilingual writer, Moushmi Radhanpara has authored three poetry collections so far, namely POSIES and 03:21 AM –An Ode to Rust & Restlessness, and Resignation of an Angel. She is also scribbling an unplanned rough draft of a story as a part of NANOWRIMO 2020 and hopes that something might come out of it. She has also co-authored two books, The Lockdown Stories and Mirage so far. Her poetries can be found on her blog https://aestheticmiradh.com/ and a few other online portals. She believes in the fact that a better reader makes a better writer. Reading a 100 books a year is her latest obsession. She can be found either drunk on coffee or hiding away from everything and admiring the gorgeous sun.

63 thoughts on “Happy Diwali?

  1. A question that was arising in my mind since dusherra, I had gone through one prose written in one magazine ;one abducted her and other put her in fire, the name make no difference. I am sorry, I don’t want to say or I should not but I am speaking up my mind. You have correctly put up your point, but I guess some questions have no answer. Loved it.
    Happy and safe Diwali

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    1. Yes some questions really do not have an answer. And even I read this somewhere and I really praise the person who wrote this cause it must have taken courage to speak up in a society where we blindly believe and follow Him. There is nothing wrong in it but there is nothing in wrong if someone questions the myth and/ or does not believe in it at all.
      I hope you had a safe diwali.

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  2. Happy Diwali!!!
    May God bless you…
    Yeah, I knew that Sits Ji gave Agni Pariksha but you won’t believe that I got to know about it just 3days before that Ramji left Sitaji just because of a question put up by a Dhobi…
    Mythologies have so many deep meanings buried inside them. It’s good you questioned it… someone has to do it!


  3. I hate these articles & questions. Every single year at the time of Diwali people start asking this question specially women. You and I are not qualified enough to even discuss whether what Lord Ram did was right or wrong. The best thing about these stories are that they have a hidden meaning & lessons for all of us.

    There’s a debate on triple talaq going on in the country. I’m waiting for ur article on it.

    I’m waiting for ur views on animal cruelty at the time of bakareid.


      1. LordRam had a conflict in between His duty as a family member, as a husband and duty as a king and He did His duty as a king by exemplifying detachment and He did His duty as a husband by ensuring that Sita was cared for.


      2. And Ms. instead of arguing about the things that happened thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago, we should now concentrate on the present scenario. I’m still waiting for ur articles on triple talaq. Animal cruelty at the time of Eid.


    1. Brother nothing harms a society more than a fanatic….
      You seem a devout still couldn’t find the hidden meaning or lesson…..
      May be it was let go of your pregnant wife…..
      Wish you had commented on my blog, would have bashed you as fuck..
      Thanks a lot that’s all.. don’t reply

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      1. Fuck off asshole!! Nobody asked you to comment here. Everyone has there own opinion and you should try to give respect it. Ever heard of democracy or you come from sharia ruled Saudi!!


      2. Oh so you got offended??? Btw did she ask your opinion???
        Perhaps you should talk more softly to assholes, they can kick your ass real bad!!!
        Ain’t arguing with fanatics!!! There is lot much to do…
        I am sorry Moushmi…

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      3. Haha haha I have seen people like you trying to be over smart. Whether she asked my opinion or not it’s between me & her. Who the fucktard are you to jump in between n judge me. 😀 😀


      4. Oh yea???? I don’t have to act smart…. Unlike you….
        I ain’t judging you… You aren’t worth the effort….
        It was you who called me asshole when I called you brother….
        Either you are offended or your upbringing is such

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      5. Haha upbringing 😀 I was taught not to interfere in others’ business. And it’s not an offense to call an asshole a asshole 😀 and seriously don’t reply after this. Move your smart ass to Saudi where fanatics like me don’t confront assholes like you 😀


      6. Hahahahahah good bye fucktard. People like you are the perfect example why Rahul Gandhi still thinks that he can become the PM of this nation 😀 😀


      7. You are still alive!!

        Dude It was a complement for u. 😀 😀 it’s not my problem if your fucktard brain can process a sarcastic comment 😀 😀 what a fucking retard you are 😀


      8. I am sorry to have caused such commotion here but can we please agree to disagree and stop this here?
        We are matured enough and in a democratic country as you said, so I think it’s acceptable to have different opinions. I respect yours and I would think so do you for my beliefs.
        I hope we no longer carry on this argument.
        Thank you!


      9. Moushmi I stopped replying to you after your last comment. That was it. Agreeing to disagree. Please ask your over smart find to stop interfering. He loves poking his nose into other people’s business.


      10. Blabber anything and call it sarcasm…. Coz it’s the trend…. Motherfucker….. Go make a joke how long will you shit from your mouth


      11. OMG you’re still alive. I wanna vomit on ur face. 😀

        Motherfucker!! Seriously!! U unemployed fucking piece of shit. Is this what you do all day?? Bullying strangers and calling them motherfuckers. Get a life dude. Feeling sorry for u.


      12. I have a life, better ,adventurous and much much richer than yours……
        You can say anything to look cool…. Nothing changes the fact that youre a Conservative fanatic…..
        Ending it here ….once and for all


      13. Haha asshole you’re still alive!!

        I’m a conservative and I don’t poke my nose in others business.

        I’m a conservative & I don’t behave like a fucking retard like u.

        I’m a conservative and I m not an asshole like u.

        Fucking shameless piece of shit you are.


      14. You’re the only fucktard who’s listening and shamelessly replying to it 😀 get a life dude.


      15. Hi there,
        you do not have to apologize. It’s okay.
        And honestly all I was trying to say here is that we should respect each others opinions but people seem to have taken it more personally. I M SORRY to have hurt anyone but lets just say that we agree to disagree.
        And really thanks for sharing your opinion here. 🙂

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  4. Ahh! Finally I found someone who has the same point of view as me. I been thinking about the same thing ever since I came to know the whole “story”. I do not see how there is anything right in what was done to Sita.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here cause only then I have come to know that it’s not only me who keeps thinking such things.
      But the saddest part is the ‘male dominated society’ started then and continues even still. I know we have “evolved” but have we truly in all senses?

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  5. I remember me asking this same question to my mom…..when I was kid…… Never got the answer though…… Never understood the answer actually……
    Besides what’s purity and who defines it???
    I concluded that even Gods make mistakes, more terrible than humans

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  6. I read someone say myth and I saw someone getting pissed off. But what I think is you don’t have to apologize for anything. Seriously, you don’t have to.
    I do understand your questions and well, I don’t have answers, but in short and in most popular belief, it is said to be the ‘Rules of the Dharm’ or whatever. Things such as this are the reason why women are still getting oppressed. Someone said there is a hidden meaning, this is it. And this someone also said we aren’t even qualified to talk about it. I mean what the hell? Right from our birth we were taught and we grow up in the religion learning and educating and it is our right to question because in some way we are following this. Or should we just be our natural self and turn our blind eye (like we are doing to most of the things happening around us) and just let it be.

    Nonetheless, don’t let it stop you from asking such questions. We could have a healthy debate and may be come up with a feasible solution to all of these problems.

    Happy Diwali (belated). 🙂

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    1. Hi!
      First of all a big thank you for stopping by and taking out the time to read the post and also the discussion going on and also for sharing your wise opinion on the matter.
      my whole point in sharing this was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments but just to make things clearer in my head cause after all we from childhood believe and follow these things which you have accurately mentioned. A blind eye is not my thing. So really thanks a lot for this!! It’s good to see people sharing your beliefs and if not sharing, at least respecting what you have in mind. It’s not necessary that two people think likewise but respecting the other side is what matters.
      With regards

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      1. Hey Moushmi,
        First of all, you have become tooooo formal. Just Saying. 😛 Also, I would be glad to write letters. Ok, kidding again. 😛
        Being inquisitive is what we were taught to be from our childhood, and a part of it is to question everything, even if it means the almighty, because with knowing only we could actually believe or move ahead, in my opinion.
        Those blanks in the sentences, the unanswered questions keeps questioning where we are actually headed.
        Exactly, people think differently and one needs to respect the difference of opinions. They may be right or wrong, but making them understand is what’s more important, without getting agitated.

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