Life and death…

Such a wonderful insight at life.
A must read, you will just flow with the words.

Sparkling Poems

Why do we bloom ?

Why do we wither ?

Asked a baby leaf,

To his wise mother.

Image result for beautiful leafAnd without waiting for answer,

He asked again.

Why do we cherish our life ?

When we have so little to live.

And why do we bloom all the way?

When it’s sure, that we’ll wither away.

And further he said,

All I  know is, our blooming

And our withering,

Everything goes in vain

And I cannot bear this pain.

Image result for crying leafAnd suddenly he was in tears.

And cried his heart loud;

And it said

 Tell me O’mother 

Give me an answer.

Else I’ll die

Without your reply.

His mother tickled him a little

Looked at her son and chuckled a little.

And she said,

Why son why,

Why do you worry ?

And why do you feel sorry 

Now listen to my answer,

With your open ear.

We all bloom,

We all…

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