Running away

I think I am a coward, for whenever something difficult turns up to me I try to fight it but when it extends to a level when I cannot handle it or things don’t lie under my hands I completely give up. I give up and simply runaway.

In the past there have been times when I have done this. I have switched places, cities, jobs just when it was needed. Thankfully I have never regretted it as yet but sometimes I wonder what if sometime I take a wrong decision.

As of now this has not happened and the change of cities too even if for a while has proven good. I am doing it yet again, though for a very little while but I am doing it. I am taking a short break from this mundane life and have no idea what this “break” is going to bring me. I have no clue as to what is to happen in these few days but I am willing to take this risk for if I don’t I will simply not be able to take in what is happening with me now.

Despite the fact that I am running away from my so called problems I know I have to return to them, and this break if it does not do anything else at the least will refresh my senses and strengthen me to battle them; or at least that is what I think will happen.


32 thoughts on “Running away”

Your perception holds importance for me.

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