My Deceptive face

I used to be kind to people, no matter what but then few circumstances led me to be a bit rash; as and what the situation wants but honestly nothing helped me neither being kind needlessly nor otherwise. My face; well, it deceives me always even if I am kind, it tells the story of my wrathful heart and when I am trying to be the rude judgmental lady it declares the words of the crying heart. It’s like an open book which can be read by any stranger. Literally; people have mocked my wrathful heart and even smiled generously at the teary one but also otherwise.

But what about the undisclosed emotions shut deep down within me; hidden somewhere even from me? I think they are the lies engraved on my face; like the black eyes which do not change their color, like my puckered mouth which smiles unnecessarily, like my ears listening to everyone’s story, like my nostrils breathing in life.

These are lies on my face, deceptive lies, do not believe them.

PS: I don’t know if I am making nay sense!

Published by Moushmi Radhanpara

A bilingual writer, Moushmi Radhanpara has authored three poetry collections so far, namely POSIES and 03:21 AM –An Ode to Rust & Restlessness, and Resignation of an Angel. She is also scribbling an unplanned rough draft of a story as a part of NANOWRIMO 2020 and hopes that something might come out of it. She has also co-authored two books, The Lockdown Stories and Mirage so far. Her poetries can be found on her blog and a few other online portals. She believes in the fact that a better reader makes a better writer. Reading a 100 books a year is her latest obsession. She can be found either drunk on coffee or hiding away from everything and admiring the gorgeous sun.

32 thoughts on “My Deceptive face

  1. Great 👍 Moushmi and u r making sense in your beautiful words that r framed from your heart. Our face gives us away in each and every expression of ours whether angry, sad or calm but our reality that is us only we can see in the mirror that will tell who u really r. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

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  2. Aww lies for you may be the only truth for others. You know what you can lie,even you hide the truth in the best manner but your those black eyes can never lie but you know what your beautiful smile can hide the most disastrous truth of your life too,haha. I don’t know what to say more but pls you can lie from the world but never lie to yourself ✌👍

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  3. First I loved the image of ur blog.. and deep down lot of emotions we hide, yes, there could be time when we succeed but most of times it’s difficult.

    but I learned one thing if we forgive ourself for our mistakes and love ourselves then tat deceptive face can go..Give it a try..

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  4. I liked the second paragraph, especially the poetic sentence at the end. 🙂
    Everything around us is deceiving, in some way or the other. Sometimes we do realize it and the other times it just succeeds in deluding us.

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