I plead, Guilty!

Meeting a very old friend is a special thing, even more when you don’t get enough time to spend with friends. I for that matter get very little time to do so and when I do I tend to make the most of it. Partying isn’t my type of fun; I can have fun and enjoy myself over just a cup of coffee. Talking matters to me, not dancing where I can’t even hear the person.

One of my friends was in town and I had barely made time to meet him, cancelling and cancelling again. Thankfully, he is one of my only friends who literally understand how working life works unlike the one we had back in school days. He didn’t mind all that much but I was guilty and I knew it. Somehow I made up time and made a random plan and that was it, we finally met after a long-long time and I had to say we had a gala time.

Well, I am not guilty for meeting him. It is something else that is haunting me. We were talking nonsense basically, about tomorrow, today and yesterday when suddenly he brought up a person in the conversation that I had not intended to. My friend here has no idea about my feelings towards that person and kept rambling on. And in the midst of those rambling I deciphered that this man has broken up with his dear girlfriend. And I am ashamed to say that for a second I felt elated. I don’t know why but I just felt so, and the moment I realised about my inner feelings I came back to reality and screamed at myself for being so selfish and senseless. I plead, I am guilty here. How can I be happy when something worse happens to someone, that someone being in my good books, for whom I would never want anything depressing to happen.

Okay I had nothing to do with that man in the past, we were just acquaintances, yet I wouldn’t relate it to a silly high school fling, for it affected me in a deep way then. Whatever it was it was in the past, and today in no way does it bother me or even concern me, but then why, even for a split second, did I feel happy at someone else’s misfortune?

PS: I just had to let everything out, I am sorry if it hasn’t been a worthy read. I just wrote it and posted it without any corrections. Please bear with me.

Published by Moushmi Radhanpara

A woman questioning almost everything, trying to find answers through her's and your words. I am on an unending quest, walking the paths of unknown. I am walking and walking, may be too slow, but I am doing it. I am happy as long as I do not stop. I will be content to fall, to fly, to swim, to drown, only never to stop.

61 thoughts on “I plead, Guilty!

  1. I too posted something like this and believe me sometimes just letting the pen talk is a great feeling.. I am sure that you must be feeling relieved after writing this and posting…
    From all of us.. Each and every post is valuable.. So don’t feel like this.. and yaa we will bear with you.😅

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  2. It is wonderful to see that the moment you got to know about your inner feelings.. even though somewhere or the other it was wrong of you but still you gathered courage to share your feelings with us people… but the most important thing is you realized and you didn’t want to be that way:)))

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  3. Moushmi,i want to tell you honesty what i feel after reading this.if i am wrong in deciphering the right message please pardon me.I think that so called FRIEND is not your friend in the past. i mean he was something more special than that,it seems like you have feelings for him.But you also said that you dont want to here about some OTHER PERSON.probably THE OTHER PERSON you dont want to hear about was his girl friend. Thats why you are sad.because when someone had feelings on one person,if he likes other person.YOu obviously gets jealous or unhappy.Its normal.When he said they had broken up and at the same time little sad.ITS CONflict between your heart and brain.You are happy because noe you may have a chance ,and sad because your dearest person is sad. (ok,if i am wrong i am sorry,but thats what i felt when i read that.it may be wrong too but i thought of expressing).

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      1. I think I am hundred percent right..but you are not accepting that..every Girl is same..they just hide things up.I can understand the pain.But it’s ok..Time is a healer.still we have future..who knew what may happen..maybe he will come back to you..or maybe you will find another one..just wait..

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      2. But you will talk about yourself in your mind know??? I am not saying every girl..I am just giving generalized statement…can I say one more thing?? If you don’t want him back..you wouldn’t have wrote that post!!!

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      3. Are you ever going to let it go? :-!
        I mean it’s okay, I seriously don’t want anything back from my past. I have lied it once, why would I want to relive any of it even in a different manner. Past is past for a reason. I am waiting for a glamorous future 😀

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    1. HONESTLY exactly the same, I felt to share after reading this random rant. No or lesser its exact to the point. But I believe sometimes we need to talk rather than keeping it to ourselves because unsaid things stay with us forever, nothing more that I should here as I know you are pretty intelligent to get what I mean.

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  4. The fact that you immediately realized it shows how noble you are and that according to me matters the most and is the true reflection of the real you….each of us has mixed set of traits…good and bad…and the characteristic which dominates us the most is what describes us eventually. Dont be so hard on yourself.

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