Just like her.

People usually have role-model, whose footsteps they wish to follow, like whom they want to become one day, on whom they write essay in school stating why they want to become like them, why according to them they are so perfect.

I for one never had a role model. I am sorry but I never did. Instead all throughout I knew that there was one person that I would try and avoid being. Why? How? Please don’t ask but I know that I never wanted to end up like her, nor do I want to now.

And so began the quest of not being like her. But then how much can a person change herself? The more I try not being like her, the more I find that I am the exact replica of her, the good, and the bad everything has been inherited from her. I am just the spitting image that I thought I never would be.

And then again the struggle starts of not being like her. But how long can this go? And what about not changing yourself? But then what about not being like her?

Published by Moushmi Radhanpara

A bilingual writer, Moushmi Radhanpara has authored three poetry collections so far, namely POSIES and 03:21 AM –An Ode to Rust & Restlessness, and Resignation of an Angel. She is also scribbling an unplanned rough draft of a story as a part of NANOWRIMO 2020 and hopes that something might come out of it. She has also co-authored two books, The Lockdown Stories and Mirage so far. Her poetries can be found on her blog https://aestheticmiradh.com/ and a few other online portals. She believes in the fact that a better reader makes a better writer. Reading a 100 books a year is her latest obsession. She can be found either drunk on coffee or hiding away from everything and admiring the gorgeous sun.

49 thoughts on “Just like her.

  1. Wow..actually you raised a curiosity in us..soo it is really difficult to control myself now because when you are exact replica of someone that can be either mother,sister,or relative..or as I mentioned in my previous post..a replica from parallel universe😂😂..Soo my first question would be who is she?? Sorry for asking..but you almost raised bar…but I want to tell you quote ‘ WHICH YOU RESIST WILL PERSIST”

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  2. Hey!
    I feel, we should not think about others, instead just follow our own insticts maybe if we are what actually we are inside, one day we may be proud of our own personality!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      I agree with you. I think a role model is over-rated. I mean one could have a role model, bu then if someone like me doesn’t have one, then it may be perfectly fine to learn from the life experiences that I have in my life.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know what you think,
      I think we are sufficient as a person, we can learn from others, and other such instances, but I don’t think any one can be as perfect to be role model after all, or could they?
      And even if they are, I’d definitely like to be my own self rather than being someone else.

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  3. I didn’t really have a role model either. I think it’s okay. Not everyone has to have a role model. Life lessons can be learnt from anyone and anywhere. It’s upto us to apply those lessons during the course of our lives..

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    1. Very well summed up.
      I am glad to hear that someone is there like me who learnt from people and instances, rather than having a role model.
      I used to always make such perfect people when someone asked me to write an essay as a child. 😀

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  4. It’s perfectly okay not to have role models… We each have our own journey and own path to follow – I like to keep people as inspiration.. They provide the positive light, especially during troubled times.

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  5. Moushmi, you can never escape physical DNA but it is a lesson to you that has so much irony as you consider it…say a parent for example is severely negative about life constantly, the child grows to vow to always try to be positive and an optimist instead. A person now that the child has been an adult for many year now overhears this person saying to the mother “my what an upbeat and positive daughter you have!” (Of course Mother then states in must have been her (the mother’s upbringing efforts).
    Ok well in a really messed up and funny way the Mother IS correct😂. So you see it’s my way of thinking you do what your heart, soul and conscience say to do and allow whomever so chooses to claim any good credit for whatever it is as typically they DO have a hand in it. (Didn’t mean to write a novel but I like you quite a bit and wish you feel great about the person we have each gotten to know a bit).

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    1. Thank you so much dear. This is a different perspective after all. I never thought it this way.
      You are right, the person does have an effect after all, and in some weird way it is because of her that I am what I am, the good and the bad. And as you said I cannot run away from the DNA, so why not take a positive outlook to it, right?
      Thanks a lot dear. You changed my way of thinking towards it too.

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      1. I have a dear friend who taught me this so I can’t take credit of me thinking this way either 🙂 as for mentors I choose to listen to a valued friend who taught me to choose multiple role models that you wish to emulate in their different areas of strength … a man married over 50 years is good to be a marriage role model, a lady who raised 3 great sons I wish to go to for parenting style, a successful business friend for career and such as no person seems to “have it all” so just take the good examples in what the each excel at was great advice for me at least 😊

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      2. Yes, you just cleared my mind.
        This is what I have been thinking all along. No one is that absolute perfect, then how can one person be a role model? I use to do this too, some good quality from someone, then something else positive from someone else, until I kept getting this constant question, “Who is your role model?”
        I think it’s just too much over rated.
        Now I know the answer.

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      1. Hmmm…..but look at the good things only and ignore the negative? Or even better build upon the goodness and fix the negative! The theory if evolution! Or how engineers release the next versions of a product incorporating what i said above. You cant change the genes but certainly strive to improve things otherwise. And feel proud and let others feel proud as well!

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  6. Hi dear, I myself can almost say I am in the same situation with my dad.
    U might never have to change who u naturally are, but when u realise thing things that are not so good like u said not everything is bad, then u can learn to manage them. For instance if it’s anger, so should know never to react immediately, count to 10 the walk away. Point is know the traits u don’t like and want and devise a way to manager them. have a lovely day ahead

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