Modern Aunts!

Ever wondered, why people are the way they are?

Why do they behave in the manner they do?

Being selfish is important in this world, I think that is very much common to here now, but how far can one go, and even when at someone else’s cost.

Telling someone off, but isn’t it necessary to peep inside your own soul first rather than criticising someone else.


All these questions bother my mind now because of a friend. She called me up to relieve herself from all that she had gone through in the last hour when she was with her friends and families.

“Why are you so upset?”

The answer is always an aunt in our case, an Indian aunt who is always bothered and interested in someone else’s business.

So here my friend was coolly being the host at her place, celebrating her parents’ marriage anniversary, when this modern, beautiful, charismatic, wealthy aunt comes and flaunts literally everything, from her shoes to the gifts that she brought.

Okay, I know we all must have had such aunts! I do too.

Then came the general small talks, what came next was what my friend was not prepared for.

“So when do you think your daughter should marry? I have a guy in my mind.” There is always a guy in these aunts’ mind.

“I am still studying. I am doing my post-graduation now. I want to work after this.”

“Oh no, I think post-graduation is enough. After that you have to marry.”

All this while her parents just glorying beside her.

The aunt was still not satisfied, “Even this is too much. I think parents should start finding prospective husbands for their daughters when they are about to complete their graduation. That is the exact time, I guess.”

“Yeah you guess!!! Then I hope the next year you are planning to find a perfect husband for your daughter too. Isn’t she completing her graduation then?” screaming in rage my friend forgot that she was the host.

And of course she got a big eye gaze from her parents, and the disgusted look from that aunt, but nothing else mattered. Her mood was spoilt, and so was that aunt’s. Well, post the celebration, she also got a good one from her dad, but what was she to do? Listen to other’s beliefs and commands?

Is it not on her and her parents as to how much to study, where to work, when to marry? As it is it is difficult to convince parents for education and working before marriage; don’t even let me start on post marriage scenarios. And here, these aunts!!

Like literally, how many of them are there?

And you know what that aunt replied to her parents? “No, my daughter is going to study after her graduation; I am in no hurry to marry her off. It’s her life; she’ll see what to do. She is different.”

As if my friend’s life is not hers.

What gave her the right to do so?


All I can say is my friend could have kept the temper and replaced it with sarcasm; apart from that I am with her. And I don’t care about speaking up to elders or disrespecting a guest if such was the case.


And for the record, her parents are considering their decision to ‘allow’ her to pursue her higher studies.

So cheers to these ‘modern aunts’.

Published by Moushmi Radhanpara

A bilingual writer, Moushmi Radhanpara has authored three poetry collections so far, namely POSIES and 03:21 AM –An Ode to Rust & Restlessness, and Resignation of an Angel. She is also scribbling an unplanned rough draft of a story as a part of NANOWRIMO 2020 and hopes that something might come out of it. She has also co-authored two books, The Lockdown Stories and Mirage so far. Her poetries can be found on her blog and a few other online portals. She believes in the fact that a better reader makes a better writer. Reading a 100 books a year is her latest obsession. She can be found either drunk on coffee or hiding away from everything and admiring the gorgeous sun.

57 thoughts on “Modern Aunts!

  1. I think the whole scenario you describe about typical thoughts of aunts is the truth…… But at last when modern aunt replied is something outrageous 😃

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  2. Even for boys that happen..but for girls it’s more complicated than boys..even I feel irritated these times…whenever they discuss these things with me…what the heck?? Sometimes I just want to go Himalayas to take revenge on them..or became a playboy …( sounds cliche just saying about playboy)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah…Sometimes I feel like they want to take revenge on us by making marriages?? They want to know us what they are going through..they might be angry on their parents for doing that…but they can’t do anything..soo revenge time😜😜😜😃😃😆😆

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      2. I guess that it has happened with them makes them all the more positive about getting married at a certain age. It’s like they have been trained to think likewise and any other concept about life doesn’t fit for them.

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  3. The aunts and the poky relatives all more interested in other’s affairs. The best is to ignore them totally and carry on with your life as you want. No matter what you do, they are always there with their smart alec comments!

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  4. I know nowadays every girl is facing this, even some of them I know are also presently going through the pressure of expectations of their parents regarding their marriage and above all this they also aspire to do well in their careers. I think, they must learn to ignore such people and their miserable suggestions.
    Don’t give them the privelige to make you angry.
    Work hard and convey your exact feelings to your parents, if they support you then it hardly matters.
    Wish you and your friend all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you vishal.
      I guess it is not only women, men too are at their shots.
      But I guess it gets difficult for women when their parents are not supportive or in my friend’s case, were partially supportive. The scenario changes then, and it is at this point when everything falls at risk because of such ‘aunts’!

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      1. Yeah even men have to suffer because of such aunts or relatives, I may say. But to be specific, I think our society is a liberal towards
        Men a lot which somewhat makes them easy to escape or rebel against their parents wishes. I hope very soon our women’s could have that amount of liberty too.

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  5. Wow! They sure are always interested in our case. Like our parents can’t do it.
    But looking at it, in my side of the earth,(though i haven’t really had ‘aunt’ scenarios), i think aunts over here are more of the ‘let me mind my business’ …that’s the way they try to act, but poke nosing is inherent with them…they can’t help it. Whichever way, we’re glad we’ve got them.
    Great post, Moushmi.

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  6. This is relatable in a way. It’s like they have absolutely no regard for our opinions. Any kind of social gathering results in people being extremely nosy and interfering. This is one matter that gets on my nerves so much! What I hate the most is when they say, “ohh you have to be married within x years.” As if someone gave the authority to decide when I should marry!

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    1. I know, and more often they do have double standards.
      People gossiping about your having a boyfriend, these aunts hardly are aware of their own children’s girlfriends and boyfriends. I wish they would stop being so nosy and start minding their own business.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s much better than getting our mood ruined by insensitive comments, right?! Some people just can’t take a hint so we’ve got to do our best to stay out of their sight. 😂

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