Today’s Realization

Always being referred to as the ultimate ‘neat freak’, or ‘the Monica’ from the famous TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S; my friend remained speechless when she entered my room today.

Regaining composure she mouthed, “What have you become?”

That’s when realisation struck me, that is when I gathered that the past few days had been really trying and I had been all messed up.

I simply laughed in response, grabbed my purse and lead her out to the main door.

Peeking a look behind, I made sure, that today, I will clean that unwanted disarray.  Today, when I return home, the bed will be made, the books will be stacked exactly how they should be, and the study table will have no sheets simply lying around under the fake paper weights as mobile chargers, pen drives, so much so as even my phone back cover. The most important task, even the laundry will be done, there can be no extra clothes just hanging around in my room.

I will be back to my being normal today, though for my friend, I will always be the ‘abnormal neat freak’.