To The One Who Dreams

Because I am feeling a little dreamy today,

Because I am reading something too beautiful today,

Because everything is too good to be true today,

Because I believe; today:



39 thoughts on “To The One Who Dreams”

  1. Ah the dreamy state! Im back to it after reading this!! You described it well here….and i could feel your state here…a leisurely day…reading something and soon it turns fantastical…taking you on a dream ride…soon the sounds of the world dissolve and disappear…and mind is transported to the fields which are your own…everything looks happy….everything falling into place…..the heart is happy after a long time…and you question if it’s for real! Can it last forever! And ever!! The unreal castles of imagination giving real happiness – and you dont want to come out of it!… omg i loved this one actually…A LOT!! The realisation is dawning late upon me. I read it multiple times while writing this comment and each time i loved it more and that you can guage from how the flow of my comment kept changing throughout….It’s astonishing how easily you take us all along with you in your dreamy world!! Feeling a strange satisfaction…like after you have read few but very deep meaning lines and as you keep on understanding layer by layer the more mesmerised you become! Few lines igniting the spark in inner you! I dont know why but I really really like this! Great one! 👏👏👏👏👏


      1. Haha….you are awesome! 🙏wonder how it would be to get a glimpse of all that which is going on inside that mind of yours! 🤔😁
        I dream with my eyes open…imagining things….sometimes funny like for eg today while in yoga my mind was wandering and imagining the yoga mat to be alladin’s flying carpet and wishing it to take me away from everything…i know it’s weird but that’s how it’s sometimes!!🙈

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      2. Devilish 😀 … i am more interested now 😈…do you know Einstein’s brain is still preserved for studying it! Dont know why this came into my mind right now though 🤔😄

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      3. Yes, now I know, as soon as I read this comment, I opened a different tab to find out about his brain, about which now I know that it was taken away without his permission to be studied.
        Well, you’ll be only interested, because I won’t let everything come out here :-p

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      4. Haha…you actually searched too!! 😃 curiosity levels 🙏 yeah it was taken out without permission…🙄
        Yes i know and it’s expected as well…your personal thoughts which are expected to be hidden only! Apologies for being over-enthusiastic…was not serious.


  2. It seems your talking to me, Moushmi. Sometimes it is okay to dream, to dream of everything that does not really exist. To dream of treasures on the other end of the rainbow and dragons with a good heart or wizards that fly cars and beautifully created vampires. It is okay because it keeps our imagination alive and gives us a sense of hope that goodness and beauty still exists in our world. Loved this post, Moushmi.

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