I Cannot Breathe.


Open the door

Open the windows.

Let the thinnest air in,

For I cannot breathe in.


Let me feel the breeze

Let me cherish the wind.

Allow me to swallow the air,

For I cannot breathe in.


Unclasp your fingers from

Around my neck.

Loosen your hold

From around my hips,

For I cannot breathe in.


It is raining outside.

The clouds passing by

The lightening that just went by.

I can see the shower

Trickling down the trees.

The mud dancing down the roads.

The strong winds

Blowing away the leaves.

And yet, I cannot breathe in.

38 thoughts on “I Cannot Breathe.”

  1. What a deep meaning to this poem if yours. It’s amazing and you are gifted.
    It’s so pictorial that I could imagine myself in this little poem realistically. Keep writing! I want to know how does it relate to you. Because I guess it has a different meaning for everyone. Is it different for you too?

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      1. Your welcome!
        Yes I figured out that it is like clogged with emotional things. For me it was a chain of aspects for a woman who is stopped and tortured and wants to go out and let herself feel the rain. But she is abused and clasped on neck until left to die. But I am glad the second picture that how one is suffocated with emotional feelings of stress and more can make one loose breath. It is more satisfying.

        Liked by 1 person

Your perception holds importance for me.

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