In living an existence of insanity

A being of absolutely solidarity,

She found solace among inanimate objects

Amidst her life which was completely wrecked.


She fell in love with words.

When everyone thought her to be absurd,

She made books her escape mechanism

While her heart screamed abstract expressionism.


She fell in love with fantasy

Loathing her reality,

Making her miseries unconscious

She made books her life’s colossus.



39 thoughts on “Reverie.”

  1. This has a strong resemblance to you! Your life! If i am not wrong ie….
    That’s how i imagine you actually!
    Nicely written…but was it again written in a hurry? 🤔 because i wanted to read more of it.
    PS: you have raised the bar now…this one though enjoyable was under it.

    Liked by 3 people

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