A blackballed blizzard.

Like the oceans galore

My feelings remain

Like the prisoners of war.






Like the waves tumultuous

My thoughts remain

Secretively voluptuous.




Rising from the purgatory.


Like the looming storm

Burdened, heavy

Burning my eyes like a sandstorm.


Hesitantly swarming in my chest

I have locked them up

Leaving myself bereft.


Do not try your pretending words, balmy

For they are raging inside

Threatening to surrender like a Tsunami.



41 thoughts on “A blackballed blizzard.”

  1. How we wish to release all those bottled up and raging feelings inside us!! Without caring for anything!! And anyone….like a volcano…how long to keep them burning inside and suffer for i dont know what!
    Can relate to it….nice one!! 👌

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw many posts pending since you have started posting every day, and thought I will read one but the writing made me read another..and one more..they lost all hopes in me 😂


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