An Ode To 2020

Women, wrong; Men, wrong
Blame patriarchy
A trend set fake feminism.
Truths hidden, sources misused
Toxicity left, an only muse.
Wander, wander around if you will
Find, find the source if you will
Failure, an only accomplice.
Poverty and texture in coarse rumblings
No food
A trickle of water?
Lost families
Lost homes
Where do I wander
Where my roots sown?
Run, run away from the light
It's all black everywhere.
Help, aid, bigger causes
But my tiny soul still bereft.
Black & brown & coffee & walnut & beige?
But what of importance
Power and fame.
An ant like me stand nowhere
It is 2020 and all I see is

Published by Moushmi Radhanpara

A woman questioning almost everything, trying to find answers through her's and your words. I am on an unending quest, walking the paths of unknown. I am walking and walking, may be too slow, but I am doing it. I am happy as long as I do not stop. I will be content to fall, to fly, to swim, to drown, only never to stop.

18 thoughts on “An Ode To 2020

Your perception holds importance for me.

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