Well, I tried and I tried really hard to try and stick to a solitary topic or a theme to write on but this blog would end up to be ‘general’ or to say ‘common’ and ‘widespread’ just like me.

I am no Jane Austen or even Rowling and hence this blog would remain an amateur on mundane maneuvering. I hope people read these everyday petty issues and praise this tiny initiative from a woman who deeply cherishes reading and writing, from someone for whom words and books have been a significant part of life, for someone who simply breathes to read and write.

And as Rowling says, “I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book.” 

So here’s wishing that everyone of us here get to see something magical in our lives, with reading and with writing.

Lots of love.

Cogito Ergo Sum. ["I think Therefore I am"]

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