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A woman questioning almost everything, trying to find answers through her's and your words. I am on an unending quest, walking the paths of unknown. I am walking and walking, may be too slow, but I am doing it. I am happy as long as I do not stop. I will be content to fall, to fly, to swim, to drown, only never to stop.

सूरज से गुफ्तगू #12


तू ढूंढ रहा है कुछ
ऐसा सुना है मैंने
तू खो चूका है कुछ
ऐसा पता लगा है मुझे.
अधूरा अधूरा सा लग रहा होगा न
जैसे मुझे अब तक लगता था
आज तक तूने कहा था
चल आज मै तुजसे वही बात कहती हूँ
नहीं पायेगा मुझे
जब तक मिश्री सा घुल नहीं जाता तू मुजमे
नहीं खोज पायेगा मुझे
जब तक नहीं खो जाता तू, मुजमे.

कुछ और गुफ्तगू: सूरज से गुफ्तगू #11

सूरज से गुफ्तगू #11


सुन, तू कब से काबिल हो गया यु गम छुपाने में
तू कब से यु हिचकिचाने लगा खुल के मुस्कराने में
कोई पुरानी छूटी हुई ख़ुशी याद आयी है
या बस मुझसे दूर जाने की रुस्वाई है?

कुछ और गुफ्तगू: सूरज से गुफ्तगू #10

सूरज से गुफ्तगू #10


दिल तो मशवरे नहीं करता मुझसे
क्या तू भी अब नहीं करेगा
गम रास आने लगा था मुझे
क्या तू भी अब ग़मज़ादा हो जायेगा?

कुछ और गुफ्तगू: सूरज से गुफ्तगू #9

सूरज से गुफ्तगू #9


सुनो थोड़ा ठहर जाओ
तुमसे एक बात केहनी थी, वो बस सुनते जाओ
दिल आज फिर भर आया है
मै, रात तुम्हारे आने के इंतज़ार में काट लुंगी
तुम बस शाम सहारा बनते जाओ,
सुनो, बस थोड़ा ठहर जाओ.


कुछ और गुफ्तगू: सूरज से गुफ्तगू#8

सूरज से गुफ्तगू#8

वो कहता है बारिश भी पसंद है

वो कहता है सूरज भी पसंद है,

देखो, दोनों का मेल नहीं हो सकता

इंद्रधनुष सा जादू हर किसी के नसीब में नहीं हो सकता.

कुछ और गुफ्तगू: सूरज से गुफ्तगू #7

The Sea

Poetry has been a consistent part of my life, first reading and then writing. Though if someone would have said that I could try writing poems, a year back, I would have rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, right!” Not that I have become very confident of my pieces, but I have come as far as trying to share them and be judged.

So, judge away a small poem that has been accepted for publication by Indian Periodical:

The Sea

Do share with me what you think about this. It is always amazing to hear from you, and helpful to hear an honest opinion.


Rebel Without A Bra.

Women Rule, But Has Anyone Told The Men?

Mex is heading for the Edinburgh Festival in search of Legless. Hot on her heels is Beryl a leader who has already dropped Mex in it once and now plans to do so again. Beryl must make contact with Mex before Mex finds Legless; retrieve the spark plug but not Legless, find a way back to Planet Hy Man, without Legless and save her planet. And all before the Edinburgh Festival finishes!

A feat made near impossible when considering her arch-rival Hilda, a woman as ruthless as a politician (and with the same dress sense) has access to every high- tech spying equipment going.

A Rebel Without a Bra is the second in the Planet Hy Man series where every hero is a woman old enough to know better and old enough not to care.


I chose to read this book, because I was reading four books at one time, all of which were a bit too serious. I thought picking this would make reading a little simpler. Who would have thought, that I wouldn’t put it down?


The book is well-written, well-edited, and thought through. However, there is this one thing that kept bugging me, or to say driving me away. This belongs to the category of fiction and fiction takes a lot, I mean ‘A LOT’ to be believed in. For me, it just lacked that. I mean I was intrigued, absolutely, and yet I knew I was reading something and not living it. I know that this is possible, for me at least, but since this book didn’t take me there, I felt a little disappointed.


But Kerrie Noor has done a fair job of executing her thoughts, and bringing humor in. Only I felt like I wanted a little more.


PS: This book was a giveaway from BookHub.