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Seven B&W Photos; Day 4


The first time you bake, and you actually make a wonderful, delicious cake when you thought it wouldn’t even turn into something which could be eaten.

When you are a foodie, and you gift yourself a mouth watering chocolate cake.

When that chocolate cake is just heaven for you 😀

I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

Today, I nominate Kalyan from to participate in this challenge, if interested.

My recent travel through pictures.

Most of you who visit me often must be knowing that I went on a recent trip, so here are some random pictures that I kept clicking on my way around.

Warning: there is nothing much beautiful in it, just some memories captured.

I’ll start with a morning picture.


This happened when I was truly bored.


All the good tea with Mr. R


I did not even leave this cute little toiletries from the hotel.


Oh, this dessert!!!!!

Watermelon mojito


Mint flavoured rajashahi paan.


The heaviest and the thickest chocolate shake that I ever had, it made my stomach so full, and yet I was not satisfied :-p


My constant companion, a bottle of water, a book and a lip balm.


Despite everything, the work sheets never left me.


The to-do list kept piling up the vacation.


Like these sheets, really, they never left me!!!


We always cut a cake before we part ways and someone HAS to lick it off, before we even cut it.

Chocolate orange cake:


Oh, our love for raw mangoes.


The dessert that we made ourselves at home, with every one contributing something or other, making it a total mess. (It;s ice cream by the way. Of course you wouldn’t see it among the chocolates. :-D)


Okay, seriously I won’t make anyone any more hungry now, so here goes the last foodie pic. Belgian frappe.


That’s how I killed time in between.


The only thing good about the return journey.


That’s my dearest Mr. R


And that’s me.. (I love the caption!)


Thanks for visiting,

Have a wonderful day,

Much love.



The cute little boy.

I am the kind of person that never likes to do things alone, I mean I am not saying I will not do it if necessary but I would like some company, if there can be. For instance, if there is a new place in town and I want to try it, I would want to go with someone and not just go alone, eat and come back home. But most of the time what happens is the people you want to go out with are busy when you are free and vice versa, especially when some of them have jobs that really stick them up.

Anyways, so about not hanging around alone; I don’t like that. I mean I have gone to places, sat and ate alone, gone to a café, and had a cup of good coffee alone too, but a given a chance, I’d like the scenario where I would go out with someone, have a cup of coffee/ eat/ drink and have a good conversation, discuss future plans, talk about the funny past.

These last few days after my recent travels have been very stressful, a lot of work but then to de-stress myself, I thought I’ll call up my friend and we’d catch up. But to my sheer luck, she’d say 5:00 and I’d say 7:00 or she’d say ‘Thursday’ and I’d say ‘Saturday’. In short there was no way we could meet up now. And apart from this friend, I really do not have many people here in this town right now, that I’d like to hang out with.

So, in the late evening, I headed out to an amazing ice cream parlour here. I sat at a corner stool, ordered a ‘Naughty Nutella’ and waited impatiently. Just then I saw a small kid sit at the opposite table, along with his, what I assumed, father. Immediately, his father stood up remembering perhaps, that he should order first and then sit at leisure. His son followed too running behind him, and when we he stood beside him, the kid, panting, said, “Oh, I got tired.”

I just couldn’t help myself. I started laughing, looking at the cute little, chubby child who was tired at running about 5 to 7 steps. I immediately recovered when my ice cream was brought towards me, and inside I was screaming at myself for laughing so absurdly. I tried to just vanish away, looking almost deep down into my ice cream bowl.

“What if there was a problem with a child, and I was being insensitive?”

It must have been not more than 10 seconds when these thoughts raced in my mind, and just when I dared to look up, his father too was laughing at this ‘cutest’ child.

“Oh, really? You tired after walking 5 steps, you lazy man?”

He gave me a nod of smile, and the child too smiled embarrassingly at me. He waved at me when he was moving to his table, and just like that I was relieved, pleased to know I hadn’t damaged anything, or anyone’s feelings.

Just then, I thought, it wasn’t that bad after all to go alone and have that chocolate ice cream.

Still, given an option I’d like to drag that busy friend of mine along.


Foodie Moments

I know I have been obsessed with food and coffee and beverages a lot lately but I promise this is going to be the last of the food posts, or so I think.

It was a wonderful morning and it seemed I woke up too early, well just as early to treat myself with mouth-watering pancakes as a breakfast. And honestly how else would a day be better if not with some delicious breakfast? Okay, so I had the pancakes made out of oats (You ought to think healthy?) and a cup of coffee and then rushed to my work. The day was back to normal.


Well I was home for lunch quite late in the afternoon and so was my brother so we seated side by side on the dining table only to be greeted by the best and one of my favourite Indian delicacy, Chole Bhature (Chickpeas and deep fried bread). I know the unhealthiest type of food but who cares it is the best, right? So we gulped down everything served on the plate. We will work out a half hour extra today, thought we but then who knew we’d need more than that by the end of the day?


In the evening my father’s colleague came over and apparently he likes a sweet made by me. I couldn’t say ‘no’ to his request, after all I’d enjoy it myself too. So off I went to make those rolls. Well, they are sweet but a healthier version. I make them with dates and some nuts. And that’s it they are ready with some cocoa powder added to them. We emptied the bowl by the time he left.


Okay so then I had to run some chores, just random stuff for home, drop off something at someone’s place and by the time I was home I was done for the day and then came the warning from my mom, “I am too tired today so I am not gonna cook. Your father and I are going to a party so order anything you like from outside.”

“Pizza” came the instantaneous reply from my brother who tends to never get fat but my conscience was no at the level of feeling a little guilty. “You’ve had a delicious day, have some control at least.” It kept on ringing.

But then its pizza, I mean how does one say no to it?

“Oh forget it, I’ll go for a jog tomorrow morning and I will keep that extra workout for the entire week going.” And so went the call to our dear pizza guy.


It was our foodie day when we had almost everything too delicious but then everything hitting my conscience. I tent to balance the healthy and the unhealthy food but that day I lost all control. If I have a pizza on a particular day I try to keep a healthy record for at least the rest of the week but that day was totally different and I have to admit that work out sessions are still just in my mind and my alarm clock never fails me to remind that jog but then my bed always wins over.

download (1)download (2).jpg

My alternate solution: I’ll just cut down on pizzas and choleys for a while. (That is however long I can go without it.)

So do you relate with me? You remember any such foodie moments? What your favourite food item that you cannot live without? Are you a healthy eater? Or an unhealthy and guilty one like me?

Frozen Yoghurt


No, I am not going to describe how I make frozen yoghurt, and no I am not turning this blog into a food blog.

The thing is I think summer comes and I keep trying at different ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. So in order to avoid too much of ice cream and unhealthy options I tried the frozen yoghurt thing. I had recently seen a video on YouTube on how to replace ice cream with it. They even added it to a waffle cone which intrigued me. I mean it’s literally a soft serve, then.

So I blended every ingredient in and my kiwi yoghurt was ready. After freezing it I even added it to a cone to make it look like a soft serve and then I tried it. To my surprise it was delicious! I mean of course no replacement of ice cream but them it was awesome.

So obviously it asked for a second lick but then my cousin rushed into the kitchen and literally grabbed it from my hands. How could I say no?  And even if I had it would have been late. Well he liked it and demanded another even before I made myself another. My brother came in and apparently he also wanted one, who never eats yoghurt. And before I knew the container was empty and all I had was a lick.

So if I make something bad then no one wants it and I have to bear it but then if it turns out something good and delicious then everybody wants it and I am left with ‘Wow di, it was so yum!’ I mean common at least reward me with a chocolate. :-p