A tragicomedy: a play in 12 days.

“To (be able to) laugh at our misery is the only way we have found of coming to terms with it.”   Day 1: Hey, so when are you planning to come? What for? Dude, I am getting engaged! We are having a grand party here. You have to be here. Don’t give me anyContinue reading “A tragicomedy: a play in 12 days.”

My story: Of how I started writing!

A few years back, back in 2010-2011 around, I wasn’t this person that I am today. I was scared of everything, I was may be the most immature person you would have ever met.   I had that talent in me, of hiding things, of hiding feelings. No one could tell then, not even myContinue reading “My story: Of how I started writing!”

Why was I sleepless?

I was awake the other night, (now at least three consecutive nights) almost the entire night thinking of a person I care about a lot. I thought I would let this go, I wouldn’t make it an issue, but it is and I am unable to just let that pass off. I thought that I’dContinue reading “Why was I sleepless?”