I Am Tired!!

I am literally tired right now, not only mentally but also physically. My mind and my body fail to work anymore. I do not even wish to move a little bit more, even a very little to get what I want. I am at a point where I will just let it go, if anythingContinue reading “I Am Tired!!”

Valentine Fever!

So I was returning home from work today when, standing at the traffic signal, I noticed how the shops around were decked and draped with the colour of love. Every tiny shop around had jewels of the said colour and honestly, true to God I have never seen so much of red in my lifeContinue reading “Valentine Fever!”

The Robbed Hope.

  What is living without hope? It is, an artist without his art, A painting without colours.   What is living without faith? It is, a song without the tunes, And dance without music.   What is life without belief? It is a story without characters, A story without words.   Oh, the robbed hopeContinue reading “The Robbed Hope.”

Untainted Love

I must admit that I am not a very big fan of kids, but neither do I hate them. Somehow kids love me a lot. Whenever they are around me, they want to be with just me. One would want only me to feed him, the other will play only with me. Even when IContinue reading “Untainted Love”

SEVEN B&W Photos; Day 6

The colors are really important, it changes your life, the way you look at it. Some might think that this is a picture of a full moon night, and some might perceive it as the bright and radiant sun. I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. NoContinue reading “SEVEN B&W Photos; Day 6”

Surprising Monday Morning

How does it feel When it is raining cats and dogs outside, When you sit and relax with a cup of coffee, When you just shut all thoughts out, When there is a second Sunday for you, When you don’t have to work on a Monday Morning 😀   Yeah, that’s how I feel today.Continue reading “Surprising Monday Morning”

Wasted Sunday.

Woke up at 10 AM and still did not wish to wake up. Skipped breakfast, but compensated with two cups of coffee. What I exactly did till noon, even I can’t fathom. Had lunch, and just after lunch, I had the strong urge to go back to sleep again. Resisting everything, I tried to focusContinue reading “Wasted Sunday.”

Source of Darkness

Does darkness have a source? I don’t think so. For me, darkness does not come naturally, It comes only when the light, the ray of hope, unknowingly hides away from us. * What are your thoughts?    

The Special Bond

  The bond that we share Is really very special, It is the warmth, the love, the care, That exceeds all level.   Your unshared, unconditional love Has still, never been enough, The humane wish of always wanting more, Has left me without you; hollow to the core.   I replay in my mind TheContinue reading “The Special Bond”

Hidden Inspiration

It was 3 am in the morning; my room was eerily silent, disturbing all my thoughts. Could silence do that? The only sound that pierced my ears was of the crickets hiding somewhere outside my balcony. I wonder why I even keep it open all the time. But that’s the habit I have grown accustomedContinue reading “Hidden Inspiration”