This or That Tag.

Recently I seem to have been participating in all the quote challenges and the tags, which is absolutely unlike me. But here I am participating in another tag namely, “This or That Tag” in which I was nominated by Richa at As always I will dump the rules and simply answer all all the questionsContinue reading “This or That Tag.”

New Home.

It has been long since I have written anything and I promise to come back with something as soon as I get time from the chores that I really don’t enjoy doing 😉 But this post is to inform all my readers that I am shifting to a new home, a new web address whichContinue reading “New Home.”


I have been off lately, from blogging, from WordPress for which I don’t even have a specific reason. It all started a while ago when I started drifting off from everything, even the things which gave me pleasure, started boring me. I don’t know how it started, but somehow it all led to me beingContinue reading “Lost!”

26 Short Stories, 7 days -Rajaraman R.

What I learnt by writing 26 short stories in 7 days: The kick you need as an upcoming writer -Rajaraman R. Length: 37 pages Mr. Rajaraman R has come up with this short yet exceptional book detailing his experiences and learnings while writing 26 short stories in a span of just 7 days. He startsContinue reading “26 Short Stories, 7 days -Rajaraman R.”

A year passed by!

How hard is blogging according to you? Of course I’d expect various answers; one among them would most certainly be that it is extremely time consuming. I agree to it. I wouldn’t lie and most of the times there isn’t enough time really. And that is the first and foremost reason that I failed atContinue reading “A year passed by!”

WordPress World.

People just drift away, don’t they? I took refuge in the world of writing and blogging, thinking that everything will be different here. And yes, it was! I have loved here always. But just like the real world, I have lost some of the virtual friends too. When I started blogging, I did not knowContinue reading “WordPress World.”

Pet video Verify #2

I just told you lovely people about the pet video verify, so let me add something more about it. You can find them at- and get all kinds of details there too. Something interesting that I’d like to share about them too-   Pet Video Verify – Pet Microchip Alternative Pet Video Verify’s software isContinue reading “Pet video Verify #2”

Pet video verify

I recently came across a website for pets. It seems really helpful for the owners as well as the pets. It would be great if you would take out the time to check it out. This is sure for all the pet lovers, so don’t miss it. Here’s the story behind the website..    Continue reading “Pet video verify”

My pen pal

Very few of us have the opportunity to connect with wonderful people. I am one of them. I have had the opportunity to connect and know one of the lovely souls here, Angel Clough. She is one lovely woman and is progressing tremendously with her book. I have had this chance of meeting her andContinue reading “My pen pal”