And that’s how #2

So today was very important, it wad the first reason that the trip was even planned. I am sorry I might keep it a bit vague. My day started at 7 in the morning. After the long tiring days, I knew this one awaited me too. It hf to be exhausting. But this time IContinue reading “And that’s how #2”

A pictorial Journey

One of my friend went on a trip a month back to Darjelling and he sent me few pictures with the intention of making me jealous of not accompanying him in the trip. And he did succeed. Just as I say these pictures I ended up wanting to go there, right away. I surely missedContinue reading “A pictorial Journey”

The alluring Caves

I am reading ‘Passage to India’ by E.M. Forster; well I am only halfway through it and reading it for an assignment. But I have to say it is a deep book that can make anyone think. Okay, I am not doing a book review here so I better get to the point. The pointContinue reading “The alluring Caves”