Crazy Facts About Aesthetic Miradh

Haunted by humans.

Normal Outside, complicated inside.

Wild as a maniac’s dream.

Holds a PHD in overthinking and day dreaming.

When she isn’t sleeping, persistently gets high on coffee and books.

In a committed relationship with sarcasm.

Falls in love with sunsets almost every day. (Would be head over heels for sunrises too, if only she would be willing enough to shed her lethargic self.)

Is willing to buy love and peace in black! (Let me know if you have contacts!)


Tries to be a better version of herself, with every passing day.

Wonders what if  honesty  and humanity was in trend.


Lives in a crazy fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. Thanks you for understanding.


Satyavachan, she believes in: Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all.

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