Side Effect!

I was sitting in front of my computer struggling with all the updates and security setting when I unlocked my phone for a Google search for some assistance.

I know these days we are so much dependent on the internet that any question pops up in our mind we turn to Mr Google to seek our answers. But what I noticed is that dependency has turned into over-dependency.

I had just typed ‘will’ when the possible suggestions cracked up intriguing me and leading me to type what the internet suggested and the questions kept me laughing for hours. I mean really, can internet give answers to question regarding what you should do or how one’s love life could be? Can it solve your personal matter? Can it tell you your future possibilities of giving an exam or going abroad or even if you can love again?

I think not!


3 day quote challenge; Day 3

So I was confused how to put forward this and yet make myself clear and hence I decided to turn it into a one liner and also a quote. My message is same in both of them and now it’s on you how you take it.

  • She was scared of going out after dark; the reason was “dogs”.
  • “Don’t be afraid of going out after the dark because of the dogs, they aren’t going to get extinct overnight.”

3 day quote challenge

Day 1;


Mr Puneet nominates me once again for a different purpose though. He is one big loveaholic and writes beautifully and emotional tales. Check out his writing at

Note: If you are reading this you are nominated but feel free to accept or decline this quote challenge.

My quotes on Love:

“It is not only “his heart” that you can reach through stomach; it could be hers too.”

“Love or lust, you ought to know the difference.”


Okay, so it’s been less than a month of my blogging days, or what is called blogosphere and I have earned 100+ followers and I cannot express how happy I am. I least expected this to happen; at least not so soon.

A big and heartiest thank you to all my followers, readers and people who comment and like my posts. I can’t thank you all enough. It takes time and patience for everyone to read these posts and I thank you for doing that.


Well, for a change I’d like to know you all and make myself known. So if you are reading this then tell me below one fact about yourself and ask me one question if you want to.



Daily Prompt: Hike

via Daily Prompt: Hike

She entered her home feeling un-homely. She almost slapped her handbag on the table along with her keys and made herself a cup of coffee instead of making some dinner. In an hour she had checked her emails, messages, tumbler updates, snapchat pictures and every possible social media and then she had nothing to do.

She wondered who should she go celebrate her office pay hike with? Her parents lived in an absolute another country and all her friends were certainly busy on a week day.

she ate cup a noodles and went off to sleep with a cell phone beside her which was ordered to wake her up again at 7 o’ in the morning for her work at the new office.

PS: What is money if you don’t have any one to share your happiness and sorrows with?


Cogito Ergo Sum. ["I think Therefore I am"]

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