Her Mysterious Meshuga.

There is a whirlwind of chaos inside her An entropy, a madness, a little emptiness That ceases her sanity from within. The mania, the frenzy, the wilderness All a part of her nugatory existence.   The deadening disarray enchaining her minds Building a claustrophobia Which you may never succeed to define. The restlessness, the anxiety,Continue reading “Her Mysterious Meshuga.”

Peace or being right?

Sometimes, you keep struggling what you don’t need struggling for. Sometimes, you keep fighting what you don’t need fighting for. And sometimes, you keep trying when in reality you don’t need to be trying at all. In actuality you might be doing everything in vain, rejecting your peace and instead dealing with all of unnecessaryContinue reading “Peace or being right?”

The dream?

Two guys fighting over a girl, isn’t that the dream, girls? Oh my God all these movies and novels, all these fuss on the romantic comedies and then I have seen people enjoying this literally. Hasn’t it always been a dream for girls that two men fight over them, a box in the ear, andContinue reading “The dream?”

Be kind

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about,  so be kind always.” * Came across this while reading something today. It surely made me realise that however small or big, a battle is a battle; significant and difficult at their own personal level. Being kind might not solve their problems but atContinue reading “Be kind”