More Yours, Than Mine.

  I smile a little more these days As, the smiles on my face Are a little more yours, than mine.   I cry a little more these days. As, the tears in eyes, Are a little more yours, than mine.   I hate a little more these days, As, even the hatred in myContinue reading “More Yours, Than Mine.”

Perfectly Imperfect

Black or brown, it doesn’t matter, they were beautiful. I couldn’t make out the colour of her eyes but I know they were stunning, mesmerising, for sure, as I am still lost in that glimpse of her gaze. They seemed innocent, yet they had a story. What did they want to say? What was sheContinue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”

A verse, from- Ramcharitmanas

“Dekhan bag kunwar dui aye, vay kishor sab bhaati sahaye, Shyam aur kimi kaho bakhani, gira anyan nayan binu bani.” * The couplet is taken from Tulsidas’s “Ramcharitmanas” The sakhis (friends) tell Sita about the place where they saw Ram and Laxman and that they were in their youth and that they both were darkContinue reading “A verse, from- Ramcharitmanas”