सूरज से गुफ्तगू #47

सुना है मिलने वाले ख्वाबो में भी मिल जाते हैतुम भी आते हो मिलनेधीमे धीमे ख्वाबो को सजोनेभीनी ज़ुल्फो की चादर तलेआँखों से नींद चुराएपर जैसे ही तुम्हारा हाथ थामुतो न जाने कहा गायब हो जाते होमानो जैसे ख्वाबो में ही मोहब्बत करते होसुना है मिलने वाले ख्वाबो में भी मिल आते हैकभी उन ख्वाबोContinue reading “सूरज से गुफ्तगू #47”

11:11 Dilemma Prevails!

A few days ago I was incessantly ranting about 11:11, what it is, whether to believe in it or not and so on. But now I have many other reasons to worry. A while ago, only 11:11 bothered me with its repeated appearing but now there are a whole set of numbers bothering me.  Continue reading “11:11 Dilemma Prevails!”


Now this 11:11 thing is an ever-increasing belief that I have come across recently. So what exactly is this 11:11? I had no idea, I still don’t but I am going to write about it all the same. So what I have heard/read/or come across about his numerological belief is that it is a goodContinue reading “11:11”

I Am Not Unique!

You try to be unique. You want to be different! But there have been millions and trillions of years before. And every time you put an effort to be exclusive, There are people and stories, Words and books, Those prove better than you.   Anything you want to say, Has already been said. Time andContinue reading “I Am Not Unique!”

A writer’s Musings!

Do share your thoughts on this one. Do you agree that writers are worth something? Or do you stand with the others believing that writers are a confirmed, forbearing and a resigned set?

Why Am I Not An Atheist?

I am a strong believer of God, yes I am. Now before you judge me, hear me out. I am not saying that I can strongly say that God exists, he is the one. I have some different beliefs. I am not saying that there are no questions regarding the God. Oh there are, thereContinue reading “Why Am I Not An Atheist?”


Is it possible to love someone, wholeheartedly, and yet not like the person? I mean not like his way of doing something, not like his beliefs, not like the way he simply judges other people, simply dismisses other people’s decisions. PS: Just used the word ‘he’ randomly, it isn’t about any particular man. I amContinue reading “Confusion”


I have a Marathi friend whom I recently wished ‘Gudi Padwa’. It is their beginning of New Year just as some of us celebrate in on 31st December. I texted him my heartiest wishes with all the warmth in my heart, being the excited one that I am. And all I got in return wasContinue reading “Allowed?”