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Silly or Wise?

Be silly enough to miss someone who like the desert misses the rain,

Be wise enough to know that the rain doesn’t care about the weather.

PS: Just a little something that I fell in love with while reading it in a book.

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“What to do?”

“What to do after high school?” Isn’t it one of the major questions in our lives which decide our future? Which either makes or breaks our future?

I for a fact think so. I am way past my high school days but this question sometimes still bothers me. I mean what if I had chosen some other career option, some other course? How would my life be then?

I have to first say that when I was in high school I had absolutely no one to guide me through it. My parents wouldn’t say a word about my life decisions and they were then in no position to guide me through it. So all I was left back then with was my intuition which I don’t know has proved right or wrong. To be honest, I still wonder if I am on the right path or am I still playing with my future? I am still confused and for now I am playing along.

But I have a younger brother who has me to at least tell him what can he do, or what options he has after school. I do want to help him, I want him to know that I am there for him whenever he needs any kind of help and to know that he is in whole other position than me. He knows I have had to pass through troubled times because of some issues and I do not want him to go through any of them. I badly want to help and make things easier for him. I know however hard I try some things in life he will have to do it on his own but at least I could be there by his side.

But he isn’t ready to listen. Right now, he is caught up in the moment, in the laurels and blooms of the last high school days and does not want to listen to any of the things that I want to tell him.

I just hope it’s not too late when he is ready. For me the case was different, but I don’t want things for him to be as they were for me.

I hope he understands before it is too late.