Horrible lives!

So being crazy is good enough? Or being crazy once in a while is okay? Or better still, in order to live an exciting life, we indeed, do need to be a little crazy or our lives become dull and dreary?

One Big Happy Family #5

First the warning which is very essential for the posts like this: If you are looking for heads and tails to a story, do not, I repeat do not proceed reading this post, not even as much as look at the pictures. * You guys, Mr. A is in so much of distress. This sweet littleContinue reading “One Big Happy Family #5”

The Crazy Woman.

I am loving this amazing American poet/author, not to forget her amazing works of literature. This is a poem I had a chance to read and once again my heart cheated on my other favourites. So, I daringly declare that I love this crazy woman too. 😀 I shall not sing a May song. AContinue reading “The Crazy Woman.”