Why We Need Feminism In 2021 #10

#qotd Have you ever used such techniques? Ever walked down the dark lane with keyrings, pepper sprays, in your hands? Tell me your stories. #aotd Yes, I have used all of these and more. Because it still is unsafe, outside and even inside homes. Because this video is relateable. Because safety has nothing do withContinue reading “Why We Need Feminism In 2021 #10”

सूरज से गुफ्तगू #29

तू आया तो है फिर से आजपर तू सवेरा नहीं, अँधेरा लाया हैक्या बात हुई, क्या कोई बात अधूरी छूटिया फिर बस मेरे अंदर का अन्धेरा तुज पर भी छाया हैं Read more: सूरज से गुफ्तगू #28

An Unexpected One Liner.

“Aandhere me jo bhi dikhe, us se darr hi lagta hai.” My friend said this to me yesterday. The literal translation of which is, “Anything that you see in the dark, is most certainly going to scare you.” And somehow I find that that this friend is always right and meeting him for this occasionalContinue reading “An Unexpected One Liner.”

I Wanted To Heal You….!!

Yesterday, I posted this, and I felt exactly the words deep in my life, something that came out from inside my heart, but somehow I was not satisfied with the end. I hated my own poetry, my own work, my own thoughts, leaving my readers and myself without hope, and hence I came up withContinue reading “I Wanted To Heal You….!!”

Half World!

Reading Indian Writing, I came across a wonderful Telugu poem. Unfortunately my lack of knowledge in language, forced me to read the English translation.  Nonetheless, it definitely reached my favourites. I could not find it over the internet, but I take the liberty to share the translation here, which I found in a Pdf file.Continue reading “Half World!”

Source of Darkness

Does darkness have a source? I don’t think so. For me, darkness does not come naturally, It comes only when the light, the ray of hope, unknowingly hides away from us. * What are your thoughts?    

The Strength of a Flickering Candle.

She was sitting there, lost into her gloomy thoughts. The room was awfully murky, and the darkness helped her hide from the light. Tattered as she was, so were her thoughts. Her appearance was no less depressed with rugged hair, with the black dress, and with face as dull as her feelings. She clutched ontoContinue reading “The Strength of a Flickering Candle.”