शायद .

  अब तक उलझी हु अपने सवालो में दो-चार सवाल तू भी पूछ ले, शायद कुछ सुलझ जाये बंधी घुटन की डोर, शायद टूट जाये.

Confusional Emotions!!

How do emotions work? Yeah, you heard me right, yes, I am asking about the workings of emotion. As simple as  it might sound to you, I am at a loss when it comes to it’s answer. How exactly do they work? For most of the ‘normal people’ it works as laughter with happiness andContinue reading “Confusional Emotions!!”

The Problem Of Calling It ‘A Problem’.

The situation usually one deals with is that where, as a human, you create a problem, then worry over it, then scale the said problem, then you work it out and then finally you get it done with. The problem is then forgotten, learnt from and in the distant past soon. That is the usualContinue reading “The Problem Of Calling It ‘A Problem’.”

A Supplementary Question Paper!

When life is already disarraying, my fate really plays good with me, it adds on to the miseries and dilemma. As if, I already wasn’t dealing with enough questions, I have a supplementary sheet to answer, which accordingly is not optional!! I wouldn’t say the questions are really difficult, they are simple questions, pertaining toContinue reading “A Supplementary Question Paper!”