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Her Mysterious Meshuga.

There is a whirlwind of chaos inside her

An entropy, a madness, a little emptiness

That ceases her sanity from within.

The mania, the frenzy, the wilderness

All a part of her nugatory existence.


The deadening disarray enchaining her minds

Building a claustrophobia

Which you may never succeed to define.

The restlessness, the anxiety, the neurosis

All a part of her woebegone reality.


She is imprisoned betwixt the chain and its steely embrace,

She resides inside the merciless bolt and clasp,

And yet she has the zeal to envisage dreams,

To live in a reverie, a trance, a ravishing fantasy,

Her weening tenacity terrorizing her pandemonium to feebly vamoose.




Seated at the study table I booted my computer. The empty page blinked at me when I typed ‘Writer’s block’. That is what we call it, don’t we? I kept staring at it, the brightness blinded my eyes but I kept ogling at it anyway trying to decipher what to write. My mind worked out nothing. Precipitously, I shut it down and emptied another cup of coffee.

I opened my journal, thinking that may be pen and paper wouldn’t blow me off. I scribbled a few words again and then just before I would edit it, I scratched it off. I scratched I all off. It had made no sense, neither the writing nor my feelings.

Just before the thought of writing it all down, my heart and mind were racing through thoughts, they had wanted to scream out each and every feeling, to drain out all negativity, to refill with a little optimism and just when I accompanied them neither the pen, nor the computer assisted me. So after another hour of empty journal and yet another cup of coffee I stood up and went out in the fresh air.