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Waking up, early in the morning when you get to see something so beautiful, so peaceful, so naturally colorful, you just feel blessed, you feel happy.

And this is what I felt today. Peaceful and happy indeed.


Nature for me is indeed a wonderful healer.

Hope you are having a good time…


“I have faith in God!

I have faith in my guardian angel who brought me here and who stays here with me.”


I might have posted this before, but I am writing this again today. I read this somewhere, and I still have faith in this.

“I believe in my Guardian Angel, I do.” Just a reminder!!

The disturbingly melodious song!

“Tera mujse hai pehle ka nata koi, yu hi nahi dil lubhata koi

Janee tu, ya jane naaaaaaa, mane tu ya mane na.”

How many of you remember this song? Not the new one, the really old version.

I love this song, adding it to one of my favourites.

This song comes to me today, bringing back old memories, as old as my school memories.

Of course every class has two types of students, the front benchers, the docile and obedient ones and the last benchers, the naughty and the cheeky ones. I was among the front benchers, usually seated in the corner, doing my own work, literally not caring about anyone else, which of course made me somewhat as an attitudinal one. (Really not the case though)

And then comes the mischievous and the impertinent ones. They like to be the class gang, will want to know everything going on in the class, will interfere in your work, and even pull your leg to an extent making you feel uncomfortable, and they look somewhat as rude and arrogant. (Again not the case though)

They are just different from each other.

Yes, so I was the front bencher, and I was always immersed, on God knows what, never giving them enough heed. But today this song makes me go back to those days, among those very people who might have pulled my leg someday.

Our class had this huge gang sitting at the back, always playing games inside the class. You name it and they might have played it. But their best game for me was playing ‘Antakshari” Oh they sang such beautiful songs sometimes in the class, but of course it did not end there, obviously they had to add their ‘singing touch’ to it, making the song disturbingly melodious. But it was fun in the end.

So, why this particular song?

They had the talent to destroy this song to such an extent, you could not even think of it. They would literally shout at the top of their voices, sometimes making the teachers from the staff-room come to our class and make them stop singing. And then we would all have a good laugh, not to forget the melodious singers.

They would laugh at their own voice and start singing, yet again.

So this post is dedicated to those singers of my class, some of whom might be reading this now. I wish them a lifetime of singing talents, but above that, sheer happiness.


I Am Tired!!

I am literally tired right now, not only mentally but also physically. My mind and my body fail to work anymore. I do not even wish to move a little bit more, even a very little to get what I want. I am at a point where I will just let it go, if anything has to go. I am simply tired.

Some might say that may be if I do not lose hope right now, if I do not let things go, maybe there is a possibility that I might get it right around the corner. Well, may be yes and may be no. I don’t even want to know the answer.

I am not losing hope, hope is what keeps us alive, I just do not want to wait and be restless any longer.

I am happy right here, with what I have and how I am.

What’s wrong with being content?

As of now, with my being exhausted and weary, I am spoiling myself, pampering with all the tasty food and loads of sleep, with cups and cups of coffee and books, with zero thoughts and a big reasonless smile. (The last time I did that I gained 10kgs, let’s see what happens this time 😉 )

And that is how I am awfully drained and yet content.

SEVEN B&W Photos; Day 7

B&W; Day7.jpg

No explanations, right? So I will leave this picture as it is.

The only thing I need to say is it has been an important part of my life.

I have really enjoyed participating in this challenge. Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

Today, I nominate Shalini from https://bookreviewsbyshalini.wordpress.com/


Seven B&W Photos; Day 3


Dancing- a part and parcel of my life. Nothing more to say. It will be there with me, always, whether anyone like it or not.

I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

Today, I nominate Lost Soul from https://priyasingh91.wordpress.com for this photo challenge. (Fell free to avoid this if you do not get interested by it, there is no compulsion whatsoever 🙂 )