The Betraying Eyes.

Walking down that lane An identical cup of coffee in hand, Her captivating smell brushed my senses And I just fell in love.   A crop top and a snuggish denim skirt Defining unpretentiously her grimacing smirk. Hair curly and wild, and on her feet some ragged sneakers Elucidating the most mundane, screaming through herContinue reading “The Betraying Eyes.”

Confusional Emotions!!

How do emotions work? Yeah, you heard me right, yes, I am asking about the workings of emotion. As simple as  it might sound to you, I am at a loss when it comes to it’s answer. How exactly do they work? For most of the ‘normal people’ it works as laughter with happiness andContinue reading “Confusional Emotions!!”

More Yours, Than Mine.

  I smile a little more these days As, the smiles on my face Are a little more yours, than mine.   I cry a little more these days. As, the tears in eyes, Are a little more yours, than mine.   I hate a little more these days, As, even the hatred in myContinue reading “More Yours, Than Mine.”