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₹500 or 1000?

Well at first I thought I wouldn’t give my opinion publicly on this but then something happened today that made me do it anyhow.

By now I think everyone knows about the ban on 500 and 1000₹ notes and the consequences of it so I’ll go straight to my point. I am not the PM I am not any high authority official, I am just a common person and so I think like one. So when the news was broadcasted I thought of not my excess money but about how will I survive till the crisis is solved.

Anyways, I am not here to talk about myself I am here to share a story and honestly I am not doing it to gain sympathy nor even to claim of be right or wrong. I just felt like sharing it.

My house helper today came to our house and almost begged to my mother for some money. Well, her story was something like this. She was broke just like other POOR people and hand managed to borrow 500₹ from someone yesterday and today it was just a piece of paper and by the time she realised what she had to do she had to wait for practically another 48 hours to get some “money”.

“Bhabhi ji please lend me some money I have to buy food for myself and my children and I do not have any money. I somehow managed 500₹ yesterday and today this is not even money for the same grocery store.” These were her exact words.

Well this may be the right decision for my country and I am not saying this should not have happened but the only thing that would have helped more to the general public would be a bit more of time and a certain amount of warning.

I think in a step of clearing away all the black money, somehow the poorest of all are suffering the most. The owners of the black money may not have had to undergo such trouble which the underprivileged people are going through.

PS: My current situation-

Me: Collecting all 100s and 20 and 10s to give some cash to the pizza guy. I don’t even know when I can go to the bank as I am not free up till Friday.

My friend: Banks are open on Saturdays and Sundays too.

Me: That’s like a bite of stale paneer for me now when I am damn hungry. And I don’t even like paneer.

My friend: Then why did you order paneer?

Me: I ordered for euros but then lost all my ₹ too 😀