Phoenix in Disguise.

Gone are the days Of you wanting to be above me, Cutting my wings And throttling me.   So far, I have battled Cursed and raged, Tried to swim and float Sometimes barely to survive.   I have fought and fought Even when the war ended, I tried just to stand and walk But allContinue reading “Phoenix in Disguise.”

Challenge Accepted..!!

Originally posted on Aesthetic Miradh:
I see a girl standing erect, head high, hair open, long and roughly combed.  She has gripped her sides of the dress tightly, way too tightly. Her toes are clinching the floor, scratching it. Her hair hides the corner of her face. She is fair, a small mark on her…

Just another angry woman!!!

I am just another angry woman Who screams and cries pressing a pillow against her mouth.   I am just another angry woman Whose father abounds her in her own house, Leaving behind no scope for dreams and aspirations.   I am just another angry woman Who screams inside While her mother can never takeContinue reading “Just another angry woman!!!”