Lemon- Lemonade Situation!

“When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles.”   But what if it’s a rainy season? And it prolongs to a rainy winter?   Or it’s fine with me if you are the lemon and lemonade type of person too just don’t bother with the rainy season then because yo have soContinue reading “Lemon- Lemonade Situation!”

Messed Me Up!!

This messed me up today. I mean I re-read it today. It was a tweet from Haruki Murakami a few days back. And it keeps getting intense for me. “It’s all so strange. It’s like nothing ever really happened. No, it happened, only it’s gone. Taking it hard? I shook my head. Things that comeContinue reading “Messed Me Up!!”