Wasted Sunday.

Woke up at 10 AM and still did not wish to wake up. Skipped breakfast, but compensated with two cups of coffee. What I exactly did till noon, even I can’t fathom. Had lunch, and just after lunch, I had the strong urge to go back to sleep again. Resisting everything, I tried to focusContinue reading “Wasted Sunday.”

The cute little boy.

I am the kind of person that never likes to do things alone, I mean I am not saying I will not do it if necessary but I would like some company, if there can be. For instance, if there is a new place in town and I want to try it, I would wantContinue reading “The cute little boy.”

Frozen Yoghurt

  No, I am not going to describe how I make frozen yoghurt, and no I am not turning this blog into a food blog. The thing is I think summer comes and I keep trying at different ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. So in order to avoid too much of ice cream andContinue reading “Frozen Yoghurt”