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Silly or Wise?

Be silly enough to miss someone who like the desert misses the rain,

Be wise enough to know that the rain doesn’t care about the weather.

PS: Just a little something that I fell in love with while reading it in a book.

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This is for you

I used to think that the longer you know a person the chances of liking him or her are more, in short my thinking revolved around the span I know a person but I was proved wrong. And I couldn’t be happier about this.

I met a crazy human being Shreshtha Saha more than two years back and I don’t know how we clicked but we did and since then we haven’t looked back. I have lived with this wild girl for not more than few months but it was enough for me to have a bond with her which one has with her sister. But post my leaving the house lives have been busy and we barely talk but when I saw her after so long everything felt to be the same. Wasn’t she the same girl who would give me the most beautiful smile when needed?

Nothing changed and this lovely girl still prioritises boys over girls, well she just can’t help that. Talk to her while a guy is smiling at her, she would probably forget her mom waiting on the phone call. Jokes apart, I love this woman and I missed her if anything I could revert back to the days when we would chat for hours in the dark of the night and still not realise that it was already 3:00 AM.

Girl, you ought to know this, you are important.

For: a dear friend.