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City of Dreams #1

My recent travel to the city of dreams was not all troubles, it was part fun too.

It started with work and meetings and conferences for three continuous days, and then there were two days of adventure and pleasure and peace. At least so I thought. But from then on everything turned downhill, very unexpectedly, and my stay had to be extended for another 5 days. And those five days I will never ever want to remember. And if possible, I’d erase them, but since I cannot erase them, at least I can try and forget them.

Below is a pictorial journey through my days in and around the city of dreams.

The journey starts:



My stay for the first three days: (And I was loving it :-D)


When you are served a royal treat:


But it’s not your cup of tea, so you turn to a lighter version next morning 😉


And after a long tiring day, you think of something like this:


But after one glass no one filled me another 😦 and so I decided to take my book and an empty glass and head (alone 😉 )  towards:


The next morning I take out the time to admire the beautiful view from my room and I was in full awe of it.


Well the view was accompanied with yet another cup of coffee


Though the day started as soothingly as it could be, but it went to be the most tiring one. This did not stop me however, from admiring the night view from my room:



The third day was even more tiring, running from one place to another, travelling in trains, rickshaws, cabs, and what not. I was so drenched by the end of the day that I dare not look at myself in here:


All I could see was my bed, and I had the only desire to go and just drowse off on it. No thoughts of food or drinks, or reading a book or even that wonderful warm bath could drag me out of it:


And I slept off, talking to someone on the phone, not even getting out of my day dress:


Enough for now, I will get back to the more awesomeness soon.




The Nudging Guilt!

Monday morning- a normal day would be somewhat like….. Well, you know how it would be. But an abnormal and unanticipated Monday morning was what I had today.

It was a Monday morning, when I wake up at a time when you hardly can wish someone a ‘good morning’, when you are almost touching noon; a morning when I simply avoid work for no reason, a morning when I ignore my bundled up projects, and do not even give any heed to my college assignments; a morning when I am in no hurry despite being so late.

I sit and smile on my bed, for no explicit reason. Life hasn’t changed overnight, it is just what it was yesterday and I am just as tired dealing with it. But I don’t even want to deal with it now. I am simply breathing.

I go out for my morning cup of coffee, strolling in the cool and nonchalant weather outside. The rains from last night have kept the climate lovable and I relish every second of it, every micro second of it. I do not have my phone with me; I don’t even look at anyone only to avoid any sort of conversation, I am simply conscious, conscious of the fact that I am here, alive, and breathing.

Even the barista gives me a vague look observing me in my shorts, with the messed up hair, and that lingering look in my eyes. But I do not care.

I am simply breathing 😉

I return home, cancel all my plans, no work, no studies, no stress.

I go to the porch, sit on the bean bag and grab a book which I am yearning to read.

And then I am lost!

This was of course a perfect setting, the only, and the only single thing that kept fretting my mind, and which I kept dodging again and again was the constant nudging guilt; the guilt to disregard my work, the guilt to even overlook the projects, the assignments which have kept piling up. I have already missed my deadlines, I was already struggling, juggling to keep up, and yet here I was sitting and reading. Time was short but the work load kept piling up and despite being aware of it, I wasted the entire day. Not only did I brush-off my schedule, I kept propelling away that guilt too.

And at the end of the day, I don’t even regret it. I savoured the day of simply breathing, simply living.

Just, just the problem was that-constant-nudging-guilt!!

Sleepless night!

At 3 AM, I was still awake. I was kept awake, and it seemed sleep had no intention of befriending me that night. It was weird, I seldom have such sleepless nights and yet there I was staring at the ceiling of my room. I tried everything from reading to blinking my eyes continuously to try and get some sleep but the result being, still the overcrowded mind.

Twisting and turning to all the possible sleeping positions, I lost hope and sat upright. What was I to do? I had tired myself with everything and I really wanted to sleep. Sighing, I lied down again, and squished the extra pillow to my face.

After a while, the fan started to make some noise. Honestly, after 3 AM in the morning even my own footsteps would have scared me. I got up and switched off the fan. The weather was cool outside so I thought I could do without it. I was drifting off to sleep, I finally was but something kicked in to my mind, and just like that any possible chance of sleep went away.

I started to feel so warm suddenly I had to get up and switch on the air conditioner. I wouldn’t risk the fan again. But even the sound of the compressor was disturbing me now. I still left it on with a few hours timer, hoping with the cool air I would go off to sleep.

The last I saw the time was 4:30 and then suddenly I woke up with a start at 5:15. I was starting to feel cold. I put off the AC and then went off to sleep but the dear sleep de-friended me again just in few minutes time. At 5:40, I was wide awake again. I was feeling hot!

I risked the fan, and with a screech it went about giving me cool air, but I knew nothing could get me back to sleep, it was a lost hope. I opened the windows and the balcony door of my room, looking at the depressing sky, the sun was just about to come out but the clouds hided him well. The weather was cool outside, even drizzling a little bit, so I couldn’t even go out for a morning walk. And yet I felt warm and the need of fresh air. Fresh air? I was just breathing that, what else did I want? Silently, I returned to my room and slumped down on the bean bag.

To avoid boredom anymore, I put on some slow music on my phone. I had long lost hope for any proper sleep that night. I sat there, looking outside at the beautiful rain, slowly spreading across the morning making it duller and gloomy outside, hiding the faintest signs of sun.

At 6, I made myself a cup of coffee and sat there looking outside, rain water tricking down the tree leaves, falling onto the ground, creating a small puddle.