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My curious mind.

How would you say your Sunday was done right?

I guess there is no apt answer to it.

You might already know that doing the Google searches for my paper I landed up on that beautiful poem yesterday, but then that was just half the day gone. The other half was even more Sunday-like for me.

For starters, I did nothing, I sipped tea and ate chocolate cake and read. Sounds fun?

Then me and my mom sat in front of the TV and watched a mythology show, all the while getting a pedicure done. Well, it wasn’t my idea. My mom’s! So far so good, right?

And then my mind started wandering, kicking about at that show that we were watching.

“Mom? who was this man?”

“Mom? Why do you think this happened?

“Mom, why did she not do this?


Will you please shut up and just watch the show?

She wasn’t angry, but she just wanted to have some peace on a Sunday! Not her fault.

I should have known better. She wanted to relax while getting the pedicure done, watch some TV in silence and all I was doing was getting at her like a 3 year old kid!

But I just couldn’t help my curious mind go out of work. So then came Google, again!
I googled for all the answers that kept coming to me and all I got was “it is believed…..”

Anyways, I think my Sunday was not that bad after all, it was done absolutely right. Though of course till dinner time, after which every one of us start thinking about the dreaded, Monday!