Wasted Sunday.

Woke up at 10 AM and still did not wish to wake up. Skipped breakfast, but compensated with two cups of coffee. What I exactly did till noon, even I can’t fathom. Had lunch, and just after lunch, I had the strong urge to go back to sleep again. Resisting everything, I tried to focusContinue reading “Wasted Sunday.”

And that’s how …#5

Today was even interesting. I must say with each passing day I am enjoying my trip to the fullest. Today was no exception and yet an ultimate day. But I guess it all has come to an end rather very shortly. I could do with few more days, but I think I  have to be satisfied now.  Continue reading “And that’s how …#5”

The need for a bedside table!

I lie on the bed with the lights dimmed already, with the temperature of the room set accordingly, and with the novel in my hand, ready to be lost into. In order to avoid any kind of disturbance I put my phone away, on the study table at the far corner (I don’t need itContinue reading “The need for a bedside table!”