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सूरज से गुफ्तगू #6


चलो जाओ, नहीं करनी तुमसे कोई मुलाकात
तुम नहीं चाहते तो नहीं करनी तुमसे कोई बात
दूर-दूर ही अच्छे हो
चाँद क बिना ही पुरे हो.
शायद इसी बात का गुर्रर है
चांदनी से पहले जो तुमसे मोहब्बत का इकरार किया है.
हमने तो कोई पर्दा न रखा था
पर तुम्हारे सुरूर का ताप ही गहरा था.
चल आज से सब बदल जायेगा
तेरी जगह चाँद का नाम लिया जायेगा
आज से रात को ही सपने  देखेंगे
सौंदर्य की जगह चांदनी को दे देंगे
बोल अगर है तुजे मंजूर
या फिर है तुजे मेरी ही मोहब्बत कबूल?

PS: However cliche this may sound anyone saying Kabool, kabool, kabool will not be entertained.


थोड़ी और गुफ्तगू : सूरज से गुफ्तगू #5


The Romantic Sun

The sun was almost down with crimson hue in it. It was half hiding behind the tall hill and half smiling at me. It was the time of dusk and yet it was bright and shiny. It wasn’t blinding me rather giving me a lovely look, assuring me that he would be back tomorrow. He will be and I can trust him. I know that. He goes with a promise and comes back with a promise of a beautiful day, a lovely start, a new beginning. Where, if we cannot erase our past at least we can correct them. It brings us hope.

I stare into the eyes of sun as if falling in love with him, I cannot see anything but his glaring eyes. I know he is too powerful, he can have it over anyone, he has the charm, I know! His charisma blows my mind and all I can think of is his coming again. He cannot be long gone. I will miss him. He is almost behind the hill, almost gone and yet I stay to look at his last rays, savour every last glimpse of him.

I can still picture him with my closed eyes and I know he will be back soon. Just as I open my eyes I see no evidence of his ever being there. Rather I see a half moon on the sky now, stark white and I know that it’s time to finally bid adieu. It’s the time of all the romantics. They will come and cherish the moon and sing songs for the beloved and look at the stars and will make promises to each other. Yes it’s good all the same.

I know moon is always connoted with the romantic notion but what about sun? Isn’t it beautiful too? It has its own unique charm and I love it. I love the romantic sun.