The disturbingly melodious song!

“Tera mujse hai pehle ka nata koi, yu hi nahi dil lubhata koi Janee tu, ya jane naaaaaaa, mane tu ya mane na.” How many of you remember this song? Not the new one, the really old version. I love this song, adding it to one of my favourites. This song comes to me today,Continue reading “The disturbingly melodious song!”

When Your Friend gets Engaged!

Wasn’t it just yesterday when we used to fight with each other for really nothing? When we used to fuss over the group projects, and who would do it entirely, while everyone of us would just take the credit? When we used to fight for notes? When we wanted to duck behind last benches andContinue reading “When Your Friend gets Engaged!”

“What to do?”

“What to do after high school?” Isn’t it one of the major questions in our lives which decide our future? Which either makes or breaks our future? I for a fact think so. I am way past my high school days but this question sometimes still bothers me. I mean what if I had chosenContinue reading ““What to do?””

The difference

Last day of school? Surely, it is special for everyone. But can there be biasness in this too between a girl and a boy? I hadn’t known this until yesterday. My brother celebrated his last day of high school yesterday and he came back home with colours all over his face and well wishes markedContinue reading “The difference”