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The Problem Of Calling It ‘A Problem’.

The situation usually one deals with is that where, as a human, you create a problem, then worry over it, then scale the said problem, then you work it out and then finally you get it done with. The problem is then forgotten, learnt from and in the distant past soon. That is the usual plan, right, when it comes to dealing with your problems in life, big or small?

But off late I have been acquainted with another problem, or should I say a problem of looking at this problem matter? Very recently I have been analysing it differently. Yes, we all have problems, I get it. No one’s life is a cake-walk. But now I know there could be another situation too, another very raw way to look at the said problems. In this second situation, as a human you create problems, then worry over it, then scale it with all your other problems, weight the importance of this problem, and then before even solving it, you scale your problems with someone else’s problems, then you realise that your problem may not be of even a little worth in comparison to the other persons’. Then guilt pricks you, gnaws at you, crawls all over you, to even think about your problem as a problem. Then, that guilt becomes your problem, for even thinking that you had a problem when all this while other people have real important matters to look into. And finally, with that guilt, comes back your first problem, and you start wondering how do you even define this problem as a problem? You want to let it go, without calling it a crisis, but it knock you back down and doesn’t let you get up until you call it with its previous name, ‘the problem’.

So the second situation has two problems, and no solution? The guilt keeps haunting you, and then somehow you just move on? You have no solution because, solutions are meant for problems, but you constantly reject the idea of it being called a problem. How can you? You have seen worst and now you want to fuss over your little princess problems? But unless you try and get it done with you just have to keep dealing with the problems….

I have no idea what I have written above here. But honestly, if you get me, what can a person possibly do in such a situation?

My hair cut

I woke up today with a lot of laziness within me, which the long sleep could not relieve me of and that laziness continued to be with me almost up till noon. And I don’t know why but somehow today was the day when I had to decide that I badly need a haircut, just a trimming would do but it was needed. So there I was with no hurry to getting to my day’s work, instead I decided I’d rather shape my unruly hair.

My hair is no match to any of the beauty set of hair, they are too curly, unruly, frizzy, long, not-shiny, and believe me you can never tame them. They have their own mind and will never work with your schedule of outings and parties and days of hair wash. In short they are a big pain and yet people who see them love them a lot. It’s like children for me; others love them only they don’t know how they are to behave inside the four walls of their own house.

Okay, so I decided I will cut my hair but the nearby salon was shut and as lazy I was I did not have the strength to go so far. I decided to cut it myself. That’s not bad; actually I have done it myself before and manage it pretty well, if nothing I don’t manage to spoil it.

For a perfect cut I had to go down to about an inch of haircut. Slowly my scissors slashed them and I was satisfied with my cut. But when it came to my front flecks I trimmed almost a centimeter or two of it and then quit. I just put it all away. I hadn’t even cut the whole inch behind then how could I just trim off the front hair.  I mean okay, they don’t listen to me but I just couldn’t cut them off. I like long hair.

And it was then that I realised why I stopped cutting my own hair or even going to the salon often. I never would complete it, either it’s too short or they had just spoiled my hair cut. Almost never was I satisfied. People have never understood my love for my un-tamable hair. Okay they are a big pain and you can laugh as much as you want but I love them all the same.

So girls, how often have you come across such situations? Or how often you end up with uncut hair or in a argument with your stylists?