Know the blogger #3

  What amazing thing have you done that no one was around to see? A dance performance  at a state level competition. No one cared to come watch that performance. Even my mother who used to watch all my performances, she did not come with me. I realised that day, that taking it up professionallyContinue reading “Know the blogger #3”

And that’s how #3

When we left for another city, we left with a bang. After a tiresome day we enjoyed ourselves with local delicious food accompanied by the coolest fresh air and folk music. Could it be any better? I dont think so. So the journey ended and Mr. R and I reached ‘our home’ somewhere around lateContinue reading “And that’s how #3”

The alluring Caves

I am reading ‘Passage to India’ by E.M. Forster; well I am only halfway through it and reading it for an assignment. But I have to say it is a deep book that can make anyone think. Okay, I am not doing a book review here so I better get to the point. The pointContinue reading “The alluring Caves”