सूरज से गुफ्तगू #50

न नगमे न सपनेन तेरा न मेराचल बीच राह ही कही मिलते हैजी जान से नहीं बस उन ढाई हर्फो को निभाते हैमुश्किल सही नामुमकिन तो नहींहसना और रोना भी पर तेरा साथ तो सहीअब कोई कहानी तेरी छुपी नहींमेरे पंख अब मोम के नहींन अब कोई इंतज़ार है, न सितारों को पाने की चाहतहैContinue reading “सूरज से गुफ्तगू #50”

सूरज से गुफ्तगू #41

दिखोगे या नहीं दिखोगेकब से खड़ी हु रास्ता देखेकुछ बोलोगे या नहीं बोलोगेतेरी कहानी को सुनने को कान है तरसेमेरी तरह दिलचस्प न सहीपर कहानी तो तेरी भी होगीमेरी तरह बेख़ौफ़ न सहीमोहब्बत तो तूने भी की होगीचल अब आ भी जाऐसे न सत्तामोहब्बत का इज़हार कर भी जाऐसे न मुझसे तू अपनी कहानी छुपाContinue reading “सूरज से गुफ्तगू #41”


It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you plan to do something, all the universe conspires in helping it ‘not to happen’. I do understand the pessimistic and faux approach that I have given to the saying but what exactly do you say when the vicious cycle goes on and on and there isContinue reading “NANOWRIMO 2020”


  खुश रहने में और खुश दिखने में अगर फर्क न होता तो मेरे घर क आईने इतनी कहानिया न छुपाते. I am sorry, for translated it will just not mean anything to me and so I leave it just as it is.  

I Am Not Unique!

You try to be unique. You want to be different! But there have been millions and trillions of years before. And every time you put an effort to be exclusive, There are people and stories, Words and books, Those prove better than you.   Anything you want to say, Has already been said. Time andContinue reading “I Am Not Unique!”

The Author’s World!

“What if we are all just characters in a novel…. And when we forget what we want to say. It’s the author backspacing?”   I read this today and now all I am wondering is, really? What if? I mean what if we are all just fictional? What if everything that’s happening to us isContinue reading “The Author’s World!”


Ernest Hemingway once said, “All you have to do is write one true sentence, and then go on from there.” I want truth today, anything, sad, happy, good, bad, anything- just truth. What is your truth today? I want to listen today. My truth at the moment will be something like this- “Some days IContinue reading “Truth.”