सूरज से गुफ्तगू #41

दिखोगे या नहीं दिखोगेकब से खड़ी हु रास्ता देखेकुछ बोलोगे या नहीं बोलोगेतेरी कहानी को सुनने को कान है तरसेमेरी तरह दिलचस्प न सहीपर कहानी तो तेरी भी होगीमेरी तरह बेख़ौफ़ न सहीमोहब्बत तो तूने भी की होगीचल अब आ भी जाऐसे न सत्तामोहब्बत का इज़हार कर भी जाऐसे न मुझसे तू अपनी कहानी छुपाContinue reading “सूरज से गुफ्तगू #41”

Ever Thought Of This?

“Until the lion learns to write, every story will always glorify the hunter.”   Why is it so difficult for us to just try and see the other side of the coin? Why do we always have to glorify the one that need not be glorified? Why do we not notice the so obvious? WhyContinue reading “Ever Thought Of This?”

One Big Happy Family.

Warning: If you are looking for heads and tails to a story, do not, I repeat do not proceed reading this post, not even as much as look at the pictures. * Once upon a time there was a lonely pigeon called A. Time passed by, and one fine day his eyes fell on someone,Continue reading “One Big Happy Family.”

The Robbed Hope.

  What is living without hope? It is, an artist without his art, A painting without colours.   What is living without faith? It is, a song without the tunes, And dance without music.   What is life without belief? It is a story without characters, A story without words.   Oh, the robbed hopeContinue reading “The Robbed Hope.”