I feel helpless today. So helpless, As helpless as I haven’t felt in a long time. As helpless, as I think I can never feel. The epitome of helplessness. And yet, I feel this can go on, On and on for quite a while. And yet I feel that I can feel even more helpless.Continue reading “Helpless.”

Peace or being right?

Sometimes, you keep struggling what you don’t need struggling for. Sometimes, you keep fighting what you don’t need fighting for. And sometimes, you keep trying when in reality you don’t need to be trying at all. In actuality you might be doing everything in vain, rejecting your peace and instead dealing with all of unnecessaryContinue reading “Peace or being right?”

Just like her.

People usually have role-model, whose footsteps they wish to follow, like whom they want to become one day, on whom they write essay in school stating why they want to become like them, why according to them they are so perfect. I for one never had a role model. I am sorry but I neverContinue reading “Just like her.”

The bed box

She was sitting on this dim corner of the cave, very peaceful, not even caring that she had lost her way, and that she was away from the company that she had entered with. The place was unnervingly silent, and the cool setting was a bit too much for her to take. Still, she satContinue reading “The bed box”