I wonder how people exactly multi task so much. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I am not talking about simple things like walking and texting, or eating and watching TV. I have bigger issues today. There are people who do millions of things together and yet seem never to get tired.   I know someContinue reading “Superhuman.”

Just a thought!

Just a thought that keeps bouncing on my head when people badger me with constantly saying that I do need to “Grow up”!! #Keepthechildaliveinyou!

Why god? Why??

The last year it was my computer that betrayed For time and again it ruined its brand name; So come May, 2018 brought a new expenditure Safely increasing my light vollet’s temperature.   With grieving tears I bid it adieu When one last time I shut it due; For the technologically challenged me Never likesContinue reading “Why god? Why??”

If My Phone Could Talk….

As we are trying to make our lives easier through technology, isn’t there a part of us that is getting overly dependent on these means? So much so that it gets almost extremely disgusting at some point. Haven’t we gotten really far from actual social networking in the stead of social networking?   I reallyContinue reading “If My Phone Could Talk….”

Today’s FACT!

Technology has always hated me, And will always probably hate me :<   PS: I guess it is a reward fro liking everything the old fashioned way.

And that’s how #4

Since the lousy day was well spent, we planned to go window shopping in the evening. But before that we had the whole day to ourselves.  And we couldn’t just let it pass, right? So the morning started with a strong cup of coffee, some fresh ftuits and a simple sandwhich. Then we both Mr.Continue reading “And that’s how #4”

No network, No technology!

A few months back, I was at a wedding event in a resort far away from the city, it seemed to be exactly midst a forest (I am just exaggerating it) but then I was using a particular network that had no coverage there. Result? I could make no phone calls, no texts and socialContinue reading “No network, No technology!”