सूरज से गुफ्तगू #36

ज़िम्मेदारियों का बोज नहींसिर्फ तेरे न होने का है,खुशियों की खोज नहींसिर्फ तेरे साथ का है. Read More: सूरज से गुफ्तगू #35

Treacherous Love.

He promised me he’d forever be mine Giving me no reason to think, to my face he’d lie, He sealed his promise with a chaste kiss Deceiving me into believing for an eternal bliss.   He didn’t leave me of his own accord Only- death did us sorrowfully apart, But in him, I lost myContinue reading “Treacherous Love.”

Couple Goals!

People around me often admonish me for cringing and cribbing at those who are always into “couple goals.” I refer to those people who always have to wear matching dresses, ALWAYS, always have to do every single thing together, those who are constantly updating and publicizing their personal life on social media, I mean youContinue reading “Couple Goals!”

And that’s how …#8

Mr. R’s place has always been fun, simple and yet soothing to stay. I never feel that I am at someone else’ place. And this time was no different.   The morning was the most lethargic time of the day here. The tiredness of all these days was drenched out from our body after aContinue reading “And that’s how …#8”


She always slept on her side of the bed, it never occurred to her to apprehend the whole bed. How could she? It was his and will always be. Lying on the bed she turned to his side smiling at the fluffed up pillow as if he was there with her. He always liked itContinue reading “Absence”