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Writing Dilemma #2

One dilemma ends and another dawns.


I don’t mind typing, considering that it does get easier and speedier, and also, sometimes it is way better for your lazy ass for its sole purpose of auto-correct. So, as soon as I had my laptop, I have been fluent with computers and typing. And I truly don’t mind adapting to this, as I have a problem between the kindle and the paperbacks. But honestly, there are times when I don’t have my laptop with myself, or I am just lazy enough to open it and do the necessary, or better still, I am nuzzled up under the sheets in the middle of the night and I want to write. At times like these, I love; I repeat I love my journal. I just happen to open it and scribble whatever, useless but considered by me, a piece of art that came to my mind. And this has been good, so far. But now after months of doing this (as I am determined to writing something at least everyday, presumably a poem) I have filled up more journals than e-files.


Now, it is easier, without the temptation of Google help, translations and a thesaurus, the art that I consider it to be, is purely original. However, the problem with this is, if at all I have any hope of publishing it, I have to have them as a soft copy. So, then comes the arduous task of typing it all over again. And f I have to do so this in the end, then why not do it in the first place itself, and I will be technically not wasting paper, pens and will be saving a lot of time instead.


Some might give me the solution of writing it in my phone at the times when I can’t really go to my laptop and then sync it with my laptop and then the next time I open it, I can save the file…. But you forget the aforementioned fact about me being a “lazy-ass”. This is just too much work for me. And if I keep doing what I am doing I might end with more notebooks by the end of the year, than I might have ever filled. Or there is another scenario, where I could simply write a small note and then open the laptop some other time and write my poetry then. But I am a 100% sure that by then I will have forgotten my very own thought.


Wow! Even with writing I am powerful enough to find dilemmas, or do the find me wherever I go? Who could tell? I am sure these ‘problems’ are secretively in love with me!! Do tell me if they let you know about their crush on me.


Also, share your thoughts on this writing-typing dilemma, if at all you face them. Or, is it just me who is old fashioned enough in even keeping a journal?


Writing or typing?

I had to complete an assignment and was as usual out of time. My days had been too occupied or rather I’d made the too occupied and had ended up with a ton of burden and deadline literally knocking on my head. The icing on the cake was the assignment’s first rule was that it had to be ‘hand-written’. And I was like ‘what?’ well, as a matter of fact I like writing in a diary and taking down notes when I am pretty sure I am going to forget it, so I was comfortable with the fact that I’d be writing almost 60 pages at my own pace. But then I had already lost my pace and I had a deadline to meet before some action was taken.

So, there I was with a cup of coffee and cleanly stacked A4 size sheets with the most comfortable gripping pen; ready to keep myself awake the whole night when outside my brother with due intention was having a party with all my cousins.

Anyhow, as I held the pen and started in scripting with my striking handwriting which had already deteriorated by the 5th page, it struck me that it was 60 pages! I knew that all along but hadn’t bothered to ponder over it much until I started penning it down.

Well, we all have adapted to this method called ‘typing’ which has made us lazy enough to write. I mean I was good at writing, and I didn’t even realize until then that I had lost not only my practice but also the speed. I was literally proud of being the fast writer who would never miss out on dictations or would never have to worry about not finishing a paper on time. Where was that me? I kept wondering until I realised that I was running out of time and rationalising that was not printing down any sheets on my table.

So I kept scribbling and scribbling until I finished my consignment, it sure took me more time than I had anticipated, and well I should say almost the double time. Even my handwriting had changed, which even didn’t look mine.

So what if we keep typing, well, it’s super easy you know. Probably most of ours typing speed would be much more than what we could write with a pen. But aren’t we just drifting away from the initial means. I mean I love the smell of paper and ink and it’s just wonderful to write, still all I do is type so that I don’t have to re-type what my hands already wrote. Sure, its way easy but it makes me think that if we continue this way and even our modern schools and colleges keep adapting to computers, one day we might consider writing letters on paper just like drawing for fun. Only those who will be good at it will be writing down, others would be just typing or even just speaking to their mobiles. (Even typing is being replaced now; I had completely forgotten that, some of us just like to order our cell phones!)